#thirstythursday / what I learned from a 2nd grade field trip today

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Here we are – me and a bunch of LIVELY 2nd graders on an activity bus:

the daily Starr thristy thursday what I learned from a field trip

Yes, all smiles. Except for that poor child sitting directly behind me who might have been a bit scared of me.

This was 5 minutes after getting onto the bus.

On the way back, I admittedly texted Kayla’s teacher letting her know that she deserves an award.

A bunch of awards, actually. We should pay teachers MORE. Wayyyy more!!

Despite the craziness of energetic elementary students that like to scream and yell on buses, I drove home thankful for something I unexpectedly took away from today’s field trip.

It had nothing to do with where we went or what we saw:

the daily Starr thirsty thursday field trip

We attended an amazing music festival put on by one of our local high schools and it absolutely rocked!

But that isn’t what I thought about long after leaving the loud activity bus.

Today I observed 2 different kinds of leaders.

Leader #1 – is the leader who absolutely had control, but did it in such a way that provided boundaries, expectations, and more. This leader left room for kids to be kids, to grow, to learn responsibility and to make mistakes. I naturally gravitate to this leader and want to join in to be more like the leader I see.

Leader #2 – goodness. This leader came straight from military boot camp. Marching orders were given every other second of the day. Direct, firm instruction came continuously. It wasn’t necessarily harsh, it just was just in your face. “Here is what you say, here is how to stand, here is what we’re going to do, you’re not doing that right, you’re messing it all up…” Can I be honest and tell you I wanted far away? Far, far away.

And then it hit me.

I’ve been the parent that leads JUST like Leader #2.

I’ve been the boss that leads JUST like Leader #2.


Lord, I don’t want to create that kind of atmosphere. I want to lead and parent with compassion. I want to draw others in to come along and join in. I don’t want to make them run far away.

That’s when I thought about my perspective of God.

How many times do we mistake God as being like Leader #2?

You can’t do this.

You must do this.

You’re messing things up.

—- —– —– no.

We’ve built this perspective in our own minds.

God is our gracious Father.
Yes, He guides and directs us.
And He’s given His Word to study and live by.

But He’s also given us choice and room to make mistakes. He allows us to learn responsibility. And He invites us to come along, He draws us into His loving arms.

Here’s what Jeremiah 3:15 has to say:

“Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.” (NIV)

God’s heart leads with knowledge and understanding

not marching orders and sticks to beat us over the head.

No, there were no teachers with sticks today…hahah!

What kind of leader are you? Does your style draw others in, give room for growth and responsibility? Do you lead with knowledge and understanding?

Or have you barked orders like me far too many times?

God, on this #thirstythursday help us all lead a little more like You.


Winner from yesterday’s I Want God chalkboard giveaway:

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  1. Wow!! I Am totally guilty of being leader #2, and I definitely do not want to be. As matter of a fact I often give advice to be leader #1, but then my actions speak louder 😦 Lord thank you for speaking through a second grade field trip to Starr and allowing her to share with friends πŸ™‚ I needed this today! I have not been a very good leader at home or at work. I need to do better.

    Liked by 1 person

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