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I’ve been intentionally working this month on less people-pleasing. Honestly, I wouldn’t have necessarily tied that subject directly to God.

Until now.

This book I’m currently reading is messing me up, in a good way.

the daily Starr I want God LIsa Whittle

My eyes couldn’t believe what I saw a few nights ago when these words literally JUMPED off the pages. Hang on, this is good stuff, y’all!!

“The relationship between us and God is not one we get to customize. When we minimize or shy away from our relationship with Him to be popular with other people, we reject Truth. God did not go to the cross for us and die in His perfection so that we might live without responsibility. He saves us. We accept that or not. If we accept the gift He gets to come first. The end.

Coming first will mean we need to die to people-pleasing. And our hope to be big will need to be deflated. And we will need to be okay with both.

How do we become okay with it when everything in our warring flesh will scream out to be serviced? We stop allowing self to be an option. We take people’s opinions of us off the table. We choose Him in the moment when it comes down to Him or us. And in the next moment, we choose Him again. We choose the thing that will make our soul well. When we choose God over the god of popularity we choose a soul that isn’t at war – war with ourselves, war with other people and what they may think of us. This is peace. This is rest.”

-Lisa Whittle, I Want God

I sat frozen.

It was as if God plopped this book into my lap at this very season of my life and said




Choose GOD.

NOT people-pleasing.

It’s not even a matter of less, y’all. It’s CHOOSE one – not pick two!!!

I didn’t tie together how people-pleasing is really me choosing other people’s opinions over God. I didn’t realize the war raging within was caused by my need to be needed and helpful and loved and appreciated…and well, popular.

So, what does that look like – to stop allowing self to be an option?

For me:

It’s not checking into social media to see how many people have commented or liked my last post.

It’s not watching the numbers on my blog to see how many people actually clicked the little link and read what I wrote for the day.

It’s not playing conversations over and over in my head and thinking about how I should have done more or said something different to change the outcome.

It’s not trying to be everything to everyone and living a sleep deprived life to keep everyone else happy.

It’s not doing it all myself, all the time, because no one else can ever do it just right – or at least like I would do it!

It’s constantly reminding myself OVER AND OVER to just choose God. Right now.

And to choose God again.

And again.

It’s what Lisa said – choosing the thing that will make our soul well.

That’s God.

And that’s what I want.


What do you want?

This little chalkboard reminder can help you to choose God – put it wherever you’re tempted to people-please, or do it all, or take control, or whatever it is you find yourself choosing instead of God.

the daily Starr 1 word wednesday I want God 2

the daily Starr 1 word wednesday I want God 1

Want to win it?

Comment below with the words “I want God” and I’ll select one random person to win the chalkboard.

Let’s all boycott the “just pick 2” option, OK?

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12 replies to “#1wordwednesday / GOD

  1. Wow pretty powerful! I am a people pleaser too and let’s not even think someone doesn’t like me then I set out to prove to them I am a good person aND if they really knew me they would want to be my friend too!! And really as long as God is happy with me (pick God) then that should be my focus! !

    Oh and would love to win lol


  2. Good stuff lady! I could always use a little help in this department. I may need to pick up a copy of this book as well. Thanks for sharing love. : )

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