#funfriday / how to walk out of work on Fridays, giggle and space helmets

Be prepared to laugh. Belly laugh.

THIS is so me. I would actually do this. Some of you know I’m not even telling a story.

Oh yes. That just made my WEEK.

I actually walked to the mailbox in college like this. I have photo proof. I’ll find that one of these years and share the hilariousness.

This video reminds me of the importance of having spontaneous fun in life. I don’t do that enough with our kiddos.

Speaking of kiddos…

Here’s your 10 seconds of Brock cuteness on this #funfriday:


Kylie had a space helmet project for school this week. I win the award for “most creative mom”:


Yep. That would be a plastic fireman hat (free with any kids meal at Firehouse Subs). And inserted into the front and sides are any type of space-like objects I could find around the house. 4th of July balloons. Pinwheels. Whatever man.

From my little space walker to yours, have a fantastic weekend, friends!

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Encouragement for the Day:

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[Photo Source: Pinterest]

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2 replies to “#funfriday / how to walk out of work on Fridays, giggle and space helmets

  1. Hahahahaha!! I should walk out to our mailbox like this tomorrow 😀 I’m pretty sure everyone will think I’m weird (I’m from Fun Country and, well, they’re not) but, like you said, whatever man! 😀

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