#thirstythursday / do you find the dirt or the gold in others?

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My heart sank for a dear friend earlier this week.

Someone said something on a social media platform that made her business and reputation look bad, really bad.

As a small business owner that has been in this spot before, I felt the crushing weight of those careless words.

We’ve all been there before – probably even both sides of this kind of situation.

Words hurt. And they can’t easily be taken back.

Someone once shared the story about how a wise teacher gave his student a bag of feathers and told him to scatter them around and come back to see him the next day.

The wind blew the feathers every direction.

The student went back to his teacher the next day and his instructions were to take the bag and gather all the feathers that he put out the day before.


Our words are just like that.

Once they are put out there, for everyone to see or hear – you can’t really take them back.

This is a hard lesson to learn and even harder to face when the hurtful words are hurled your direction.

Here’s the best part of what happened with my friend –

Her reaction was this:

the daily Starr thirsty thursday find the gold in others

Oh my goodness.

Instead of defending herself. Instead of getting angry. Instead of arguing. Instead of sulking.



ANYONE can find the dirt.

We ALL have dirt. For sure.


We ALL have gold!!!!

I want to be one of those that finds the gold in others.

Gold is prettier than dirt – any day.

Encouragement wins.


Happiness in a Jar Giveaway Winners!!

Joy came over this evening and drew the 3 winners for Happiness in a Jar:

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Happiness in a Jar for Couples: Meghan
Happiness in a Jar for Parents: Justin
Happiness in a Jar for You: Tracey

Congrats, friends! And thank you for entering. We’ll have another fun giveaway next Wednesday!

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