#funfriday / go fish, cookies and no flu!

TRUTH: It’s 9:00pm and we haven’t really had any “fun” yet forย #funfriday.

Unless you count cookies at the grocery store as “fun”:

the daily Starr fun friday fun 3

I mean, Harry the Happy Dragon does sound pretty fun!!! AND I didn’t even get the lowfat ones.

Or, you could count being at the Dr at 5pm as “fun”:

the daily Starr fun friday fun 1

the daily Starr fun friday fun 2

Truly, the fact that we had 2 kids at 2 different offices for last minute sick visits on a Friday afternoon is amazing. I love our pediatrician offices!!!

And no strep or flu – YAYY!

Tomorrow is my birthday and my idea of fun is for everyone to stay home and help me in the house all day. This is when you know you’re getting old…right?

Our favorite family card game to the rescue!!!

Go Fish, anyone??

FullSizeRender 45

It’s not about being fancy or going spectacular places or spending a lot of money.


It is about stopping.
It is about being intentional.
It is about showing our kids that each week we have 1 night to have fun together.

I want them to always remember this tradition.

It is my favorite.

Even if Kylie shows all her cards the entire time and we have to pretend not to see them.

FullSizeRender 46

She’s dressed up as a bumblebee tonight.

Oh, and here’s the princess.

FullSizeRender 47

Look closely – you’ll see the tree and stockings in the background. hahahahahh

I’m headed back to the table now.

Who has a CLOWN FISH???

FullSizeRender 48

Starr signature

Encouragement for the Day:

the daily Starr today's goal

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  1. Good encouragement Starr. With Sarah living close I hope to make memories with the boys as they get older.
    I love start with Jesus
    Stay with Jesus
    End with Jesus.

    Happy Birthday sweet lady, tomorrow!!

    Liked by 1 person

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