#funfriday / leaving daddy in charge!!!

This mama is sitting in an airport on this #funfriday y’all.

First of all. Can we just talk about a few things….

That moment when you realize your flight is on concourse EEEEEE in Charlotte…OH MY WORD….THE WALK!!!!!

My airport face when I see gate E on my boarding pass:


Oh, and not only E. But E30.

Let’s look at the positive. It could have been E50 :/

AND now we have a plane YAY! I’ve been sitting here by the window. It’s time to board, but there has been no plane. This is good. And no snow. That was earlier today thank goodness.

Next, let’s talk about how walking to the E Concourse might be the only way I could consistently get 10K+ steps on my Fitbit hahahha! Can someone please tell me how you people walk 20K+ steps everyday???? I even ran around in my kitchen doing laps around the island for over an hour one night this week. Ridiculousness. All in trying to catch Brian in a Work Week Hustle Challenge.

This will be the last time I invite Brian to a Work Week Hustle Challenge.

And the Fitbit app is constantly telling me “WAY TO GO BRIAN! WAY TO GO FREIDA!! YOU BOTH HIT YOUR GOALS 3 DAYS IN A ROW!!”


1the daily Starr fun friday leaving daddy in charge

And then, it says, “YAY STARR – YOU ADDED 800+ steps!!”

And I respond, “Shut up, Fitbit.”

2the daily Starr fun friday leaving daddy in charge

Y’all. We even started making rules about how many times one should be required to sync during the challenge!!! Bhahah.

Next on my soapbox. Why do people rush to line up to get on the plane????? I just can’t.

I’m gonna sit right here in my comfy chair for a while as you all crowd in like sardines to get on a stuffy plane that has no air til we start moving.

AND the LOUD people on their HEADSET PHONES!!! HELLOOOOO WE CAN ALLL HEAR YOU!!!!! Just stop.

Knowing that loud girl will probably end up seated right beside me on this plane…you just know it!

Enough of my soapbox for tonight.

It’s #funfriday and Brian and I were just silly enough to think driving mommy to the airport would be super fun!!

Um no.

8the daily Starr fun friday leaving daddy in charge

See the fake Kayla smile? (She gets that from me)

And Brock’s all I’M SLEEPING HERE.

7the daily Starr fun friday leaving daddy in charge

They were all, “Daddddd – what is going to be fun fun fun Friday????”

And I laughed and said, “Yeah – daddy – what you gonna do??” *wink wink

So, they went to Firehouse Subs. Of course.

6the daily Starr fun friday leaving daddy in charge

Fake smile again. See, she’s good at that.

And then Kylie’s just excited about GRAPE DRINK!! Mommy’s not here!!!

5the daily Starr fun friday leaving daddy in charge

4the daily Starr fun friday leaving daddy in charge

And then, I just have to show you this text I got 2 seconds ago from my sis-in-law, Christy!!

3the daily Starr fun friday leaving daddy in charge


Christy’s at a prom that the Tim Tebow Foundation sponsored tonight and who knew he’d actually BE THERE!!

Pure awesomeness.

Oh, but wait. There’s more.

They got ice cream.

Someone knows how to wrap daddy around their little fingers….



And I’m all like



Happy Friday, my peoples. I’d love your prayers tonight for making it safe to my hotel in a few hours 🙂

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  1. So wonderful that Tim Tebow was there. That would make me smile big. Enjoyed all the smiles and that sweet sleepy boy. Hope to see a big pretty smile from you tomorrow and will include you and Brian in my prayers.

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