#makeovermonday / the great Haigler furniture switch a roo

Today’s #makeovermonday is truly a work in progress.

For the 4th time in a year – I started cleaning out the nursery LOL!


Every time I clear it out, we just put more stuff in there – except for the BABY!

Here it was last spring = a toy room for the older girls and stacks of clothes to be purged.

makeover monday the daily Starr redo the baby room

Then, we cleaned it out.

makeover monday the daily Starr redo the baby room 2

And somehow, it got messy 3 MORE TIMES.

So, today I cleaned it out AGAIN.

And no. Those of you that have followed along on the nursery journey – I have not painted a single thing. Ugh.

I still don’t like that it’s dark. Change is comin’!

As I began thinking about all of our pieces of furniture it occurred to me that we have a lot of furniture that doesn’t serve its purpose. There are drawers that hold things we don’t use. There is a lot of wasted space. So, I began taking inventory of all our pieces and I asked myself where we needed the right kind of storage in each room.

And then, well – I ended up moving it all around and switching it up.

Just because a bedroom suite is bought together doesn’t mean it has to stay together!!

Over the weekend, we put two dressers back to back in our master closet. Our master closet could be a room. And has a lot of empty space. Getting one of the dressers out of our bedroom gives a more open feel and one out of Brock’s room that I would really like to have extra drawers to keep all of my things in the closet for once in my life.

the daily Starr makeover monday furniture switch up 1

Now we have an empty wall in our bedroom!

the daily Starr makeover monday furniture switch up 4

Here is what it looked like before – super crowded!

the daily Starr trash out tuesday minimalist living master bedroom 12

That other dresser got moved today too!

This white shelf in the girls room between their beds is lovely – but I would use it more effectively in the baby’s room.

fun friday target twinkle lights and big green IKEA leaves a mini girls room surprise makeover the daily Starr 3

And NOW I know that I want to paint our baby furniture a lighter color!! It totally changes the look of the room.

the daily Starr makeover monday furniture switch up 2

Next, this black cabinet we found in a house someone left behind. It’s been at the end of the hall – just full of STUFF.

the daily Starr makeover monday furniture switch up 8

It’s been too big for the space.

So, to the girls room it goes.

the daily Starr makeover monday furniture switch up 5

It’s not going to stay black. Oh no. Probably white. And all of those socks came out of the other cabinet I moved out – btw!!

To the hallway – the smaller cabinet from our room is now there and is a much better fit.

the daily Starr makeover monday furniture switch up 6

It’s perfect for holding Kylie’s clothes and pajamas. She can reach most of the drawers and we’re short on closet space since she and Kayla share a room.

I’m gonna paint this one too! Just not sure what color yet.

Like I said – a work in progress around here today! I’ll keep you posted on what these pieces end up looking like and when we FINALLY move Brock into the nursery πŸ˜‰

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4 replies to “#makeovermonday / the great Haigler furniture switch a roo

  1. And the amazing thing is – Starr seriously accomplished over half of this by herself in one hour and then I helped with just a few minor things and all this was completed in probably an hour and a half today! When she gets something on her mind she gets to it!! Thank you dear for the hard work of purging and cleaning. I love you!

  2. And I love you, dear. Thank you for encouraging me on days when I feel like giving up. And for going along with my crazy furniture moving frenzy πŸ™‚

  3. I wish I had that much furniture to rearrange. You are blessed by that alone πŸ™‚ if I wanted to do that I have to go buy it…or pray the Lord is still in the miracle business πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see the nursery when it is finished.

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