#1wordwednesday / a free online parenting TEST

We’re starting a new challenge as a family over the next 40 days.

The Love Dare for Parents!


My mom obviously knows the parenting struggle has been REAL here lately and she got us this awesome resource for Christmas. Thanks, mom!

It even came with a set of 40 cards for the daily dare with our children.

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On the very first page of the introduction it lets you know about a free TEST!

That’s this week’s #1wordwednesday!

This free test took me about 3 minutes to complete. I absolutely LOVE how it scored me on areas of parenting and showed me where I need to improve. It even gives me suggestions on which parts of the book will be most helpful during the 40 day challenge. And it gives scripture to support the areas of parenting.

Here is what my score looked like:

love dare test

Want to take the free online parent assessment test?

Go to www.lovedaretest.com and choose either Marriage or Parenting – or do both!

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