#trashouttuesday / if you’ve struggled as a working parent, read this

It’s February and time for a new focus on our monthly plan of #LESSin2016 for the Haigler family!

As a refresher – here is our overview for the entire year:

January: Less clutter.

February: Less getting frustrated and losing my temper with my kids.

March: Less people-pleasing.

April: Less following people on social media that get on my nerves.

May: Less fatty foods and sugar.

June: Less crowded schedules.

July: Less worrying about what others think of me/playing conversations over and over in my head.

August: Less need to control situations and people around me.

September: Less doing what everyone else does.

October: Less jumping to conclusions.

November: Less trying to do it all myself.

December: Less perfectionism.

I’m being honest – we really struggle as parents.

If I’ve ever created a perfect picture (and I’m pretty sure if you’ve read for anytime now you know that is NOT the case hah!), then let me burst that bubble right now!

We have a house full of strong-willed, stubborn-as-all-get-out people.

We have a 4 year old that screams and throws tantrums like you’ve never seen.

We have an 8 year old that is the boss of the world, at least she thinks she is.

We have a baby who likes to eat – a LOT.

We own a small business that never stops.

We don’t get much sleep.

We yell when we should be calm.

We say words we regret.

We learn as we go.

We take it one day at a time.

I personally struggle with the fact that I love my family, but I also love to be creative and work. There is always guilt that I’m not doing either one very well. When I’m with the family, I think of what I should be doing at work. When I’m at work, I think of what I should be doing with the family. The struggle is real.

And most days I’m just tired. And all I really want to do is stay in my pajamas, close the bedroom door and paint all my furniture 🙂

This month I want to be completely real with you and share a little more about our journey as parents and the things we want to improve on.

Maybe you’re there too right now. Great, we’ll encourage each other along the way. Maybe you’ve been there, done that. Fantastic!! We’d love to hear your input and suggestions on what worked for your family. Maybe you aren’t there yet. Don’t worry. You probably will be!!!!

I stumbled on this blog post over the weekend and it stopped me in my tracks. I sent it to a friend and it messed her up too. So, I figured I’d just go ahead and mess everyone up tonight.

Funny thing is, I got this blog post in my email almost 1 year ago and never read it. I was searching for something from the author and found this. God knows exactly when we need something, friends. I pray this read touches you the way it did me.

PS – I know it’s a long read. Get a blanket, curl up and let this soak in. It’s worth the 10 minutes. Promise.

5 steps to break work addiction karen stott the daily Starr

5 Steps to Break Work Addiction by Karen Stott – read full story here or click the photo.

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2 replies to “#trashouttuesday / if you’ve struggled as a working parent, read this

  1. God is always right on time. That 8YO? I have one too but he is 11 and 3/4 years old. He not only thinks he is the boss (for the life of me I can’t recall when we purposely gave him that impression), but he also thinks he is 15. We have cried, yelled and hugged. We are doing this for the first and only time all the way. I want him to have fond memories of me. Dad has a more flexible job and gets to do more with him (and most of the time it’s Guy Stuff). But I have always worked too much. I feel like I missed his earlier years trying to be the Director Nurse I thought I had to be after 15 or so years. Boy did this hit home. I am praying for you. Thanks for this and every day. God uses you to speak to my heart, Starr. Prayers requested for work-life balance. And that quote really hit home.

    1. Oh Gina! I will be praying for you, friend. You come to my mind so often. This article has been in my mind all week long. It is truly such a difficult balance. Those little bosses can give us a run for the money, right? 🙂 I’m lifting you up and asking God to work in our families!!

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