#shareitsaturday / 3 paint colors I brought home today

I’ve got the itch.

The itch to paint everything in our house!!

(Brian rolls eyes here)

Last summer when I attended our local Homearama – painted cabinets were the thing!!! You can see my blog tour of the million dollar homes here if you missed it. 

Especially gray.


I’m already in love with gray. We painted almost every wall in our new house gray 9 years ago and I’m still in love.

We also had a lot of black furniture – because, well, black was in, then. That was 9 years ago.

Now, I want everything white and grey!

I’ve yet to convince Brian that we should really indeed paint our cabinets, but maybe one day.

For now, I’ll settle with our nursery furniture and our bedroom furniture.

Here are the colors I copied from the 2015 Homearama in Charlotte (the designers list the colors used in the homes and yes, I took photos of them so I could copy!!).

First up: Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige 7037

I love love love this color. Yes, it says beige. But it’s pretty neutral and it looks gray in some lighting.

Here is a bathroom vanity from the home show with this color:

And here are a few other photos I found online while researching today.

Yes. I’m in love with that wall right there. Just might do this in our bedroom soon.

Next up, Sherwin Williams Gray Matters 7066

Here are several examples of this color used on cabinets and furniture. It looks a little different in various photos based on the lighting.

And lastly, I chose this lighter gray.
Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray 7029

The name of this color cracks me up. It’s like maybe it’s the only color a husband and wife can agree on?!?!? Haha.

I only have one example here – the color is on the wall.

A few other tips when buying paint:

If you have a favorite brand of paint, you can always get it matched at your local home improvement store. Just take a swatch or a color number to reference. 

I personally only use 2 kinds of paint for furniture – only because I don’t sand anything. I paint straight on the furniture. I’m impatient and it works. 

If I’m using white – I go for Valspar Exterior Primer straight off the shelf at Lowe’s. No mixing. 

If I’m using a color, I select the color or swatch and head to my local Sherwin Williams to get it matched. I like the “Multi-purpose Latex Primer” and get the color mixed in. This can be used on walls or furniture. 

Before selecting any paint colors, I do tons of searching online to get a feel for what the color looks like on walls and furniture. I also get lots of ideas for design by doing this too. Ha. By the end of the afternoon today, I was pretty much ready to redo our whole house. Brian was not amused. At all.

Stay tuned. I’m sure I’ll be changing things up with some furniture painting over the coming days. I’ll keep you posted!

Happy Saturday!


10 replies to “#shareitsaturday / 3 paint colors I brought home today

  1. Love those colors too. I may need to get some advice about the color of my BR. 😉
    Can’t change it right now. Loved it when moved in and it’s actually in the beige family. I will try to find the swatch. LOL. Grey Rules though. Next house…

  2. Lovely…what color is the wall behind the balanced beige cabinet? My kitchen cabinets are balanced beige but I’m struggling with the walls. Right now they are accessible beige tinted 25% lighter for more contrast but lack a small pop of color. Thanks, Beth

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