#trashouttuesday / how 425 bags are changing my life

I would like to start off this post by saying one thing:

Please don’t judge me.

We all have our demons. Or weaknesses. Or whatever you want to call them.

Mine just happens to be stuff. Particularly bags. 425 of them to be exact (or maybe somewhere close to that number…me and math…well…no comment).

I’m writing tonight from a broken place.

Several weeks ago I started collecting bags from around the house and putting them on the couch in our bonus room.

FullSizeRender 6

Never in almost 35 years have I ever gathered every bag I own and piled them up in the middle of the floor. Tonight, we did just that.

the daily Starr trash out tuesday less in 2016 bags

Well, I should be completely honest and transparent by telling you they aren’t even all pictured above because some were shoved in closets and full of stuff. We just counted those right where they were and left them alone. This massive pile was enough to deal with in 1 night.

It’s heartbreaking, actually.

I didn’t buy all of them (before you freak out – oh wait, you probably already did) – so many were gifts or free bags with purchase (that is the WORST!!!! I’m a sucker).

The problem is that I’ve held on and held on.

Yes, I’ve gotten rid of probably 20-30 over the past year. Obviously, that didn’t put a dent in my problem.

Broken down by the ugly numbers…

24 lunchboxes/coolers
47 brown paper bags
13 book bags
28 kids bags
11 diaper bags
58 reusable bags (someone SHOOT ME the next time I buy a reusable bag in the checkout line!)
8 laptop bags
44 travel bags/pieces of luggage
30 makeup bags
50 purses
112 random

the daily Starr trash out tuesday the story of 425 bags


And it sucks.

I had no idea there were that many. NO IDEA. They’ve been scattered all over the house. Bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, everywhere!

I’m determined to have less in 2016.
I’m determined to change.

I’m determined to LET GO.

So, what’s my plan for these 425 bags (before you all start messaging me telling me which bags you want – no, really. That happens every time I do one of these posts!!)?

There will be 3 categories:


Keep: we will only keep a minimal amount and they must fit into our closets. No more bags everywhere.

Sell: I have a dream of starting my own business one day that will include an online store. What better way to get my hands wet in learning how to sell online? For those of you eyeing our bags, be on the lookout! I’m going to run several flash sales. One night everything may be $1. Another night I’m planning a $5 sale. 🙂

Donate: I want to put bags into the hands of organizations that work directly with people in need. I’ll be donating to several different organizations that work with the homeless and those getting back on their feet.

Oh, and don’t be asking me to buy a bag, people. That’s just DUMB. And you officially have my permission to slap the silly off my face if you see me buying a bag ANYWHERE. ANYTIME.

It’s the last #trashouttuesday in the month of January and boy did I decide to go out with a BANG!!! Next month is a new focus and I can’t wait – February is all about less getting frustrated and losing our temper with our kids.

Maybe your demons look a little different than 425 bags. Even so. Our life is changing for the good and we all have to start somewhere. Wherever you are tonight – start there.

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13 replies to “#trashouttuesday / how 425 bags are changing my life

  1. I have been purging this month as well. I have 6 garbage bags of clothes that I have removed from my closet. Shoes are next. But I totally and unashamedly just looked at my husband and read off your break down of bags then told him the grand total and said I don’t have near that many bags baby! I struggle with STUFF too! I so want to be a less person and I hope to get there in 2016! The struggle is real!!

    1. Ha Judy! I do that all the time when I find things I don’t struggle with – I’ll tell Brian – see, I’m not so bad!!! Ha! Yes, the struggle is so real. I want to be a less person too!! We WILL get there!!

  2. My weakness: Purses, BAGS OF ALL KINDS, shoes and jewelry. I have too much of it all. Great inspiration. And please don’t sell me a bag online. LOL. I really like the idea of less is more. I am trying. Thanks for being real. G

  3. I am purging also since xmas with the move in sight! Yes, I bought a house,have I sold this one no. I have 20+ years to go through!! Out with the old and moving into the new….. My 3 boxes in each room are labeled keep/move,trash/and yard sale/goodwill…… Here’s to de cluttering in 2016!

  4. Your blogs are an inspiration Starr. I am purging ever so slowly. I feel like I could turn my house into a shop and just let people come and pick what they want and make me an offer or not! You are a blessing! Books, photos oh my, bags and clothes!!


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  5. I don’t have as many as you, probably because I just have no storage so there’s no place to put them, but I totally understand not wanting to let go. There are so many reasons to want to NOT let go. We all have our demons. Right now mine is self discipline when it comes to food. I MUST make a change. So as you begin this journey of less, I will begin mine. Less food so there’s less of me😀

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