#funfriday / Snow day edition!

This #funfriday came along with a lot of ice, a little rain and a powder dusting of snow!!

In the south, this is something we celebrate, y’all – no matter how small the “blizzard of 2016” is, haha!

the daily Starr fun friday snow day edition.jpg3

I’m pretty sure they were trying to build a snowman….

the daily Starr fun friday snow day edition.jpg4

It was icy. Fun, fun, right??

Brock was not a fan of the snow at all. He didn’t like the cold on his face and he was hungry. So after bundling up, we came right back inside and sat down to eat and take a long winter’s nap!

Brian was the lucky one to stay outside in the “blizzard of 2016” with the girls!

the daily Starr fun friday snow day edition.jpg1

Why, yes – those are Christmas decorations outside!! Oooops. Sorry, neighbors.

the daily Starr fun friday snow day edition.jpg5

Kylie looked like the kid from the Christmas Story movie!

the daily Starr fun friday snow day edition.jpg2

After all of the fun, we decided to bake daddy his birthday cake (from November…). I think we ended up buying him a cheesecake instead and never got around to baking one 🙂

Princess Kylie helped with the baking! I just made a mess, as usual.

the daily Starr fun friday snow day edition.jpg6

the daily Starr fun friday snow day edition.jpg9

We surprised daddy with a heart cake!

the daily Starr fun friday snow day edition.jpg10

He loved it!

the daily Starr fun friday snow day edition.jpg11

And so did Kylie!

the daily Starr fun friday snow day edition.jpg12

Meanwhile, Brian’s favorite part of any snow day would be these:

the daily Starr fun friday snow day edition.jpg8

These are the days I pull out my dad’s old baseball socks and wear them all around the house. Just because.

Happy snowy “blizzard of 2016” weekend, friends! Go make some memories and maybe some snow cream if you’re lucky!!

PS – Verizon text alerts did not work last night for yesterday’s blog post:

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You can read that here!

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6 replies to “#funfriday / Snow day edition!

  1. Those days that I miss the text alert are the days that make me want to switch my phone company….. How do they not realize how important it is to get these texts?! Are Verizon customers are the only ones missing them? I knew that was the problem.

    Looks like you guys had fun today. Maybe tomorrow will be a lot more snow!

  2. Well, yes it is definitely a Verizon problem. Brian and I have Verizon too, so we know immediately when they don’t go through. I’ve been looking into other ways to send the text alerts to try and keep this from happening 🙂 no worries, you can always text me haha! I’m hoping for more snow!!!!

  3. If anyone wants more snow, I am more than happy to share. Just come get it. 36″ is more than enough for everyone to have some…

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