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Last night at 11:58pm I found myself running in place as fast as I could…barefoot in the bathroom.


I know we’re a little late to the game, but Brian and I have finally joined the world of Fitbit. We’re learning all about tracking our steps for the first time in forever (yes, we reference Frozen lyrics wayyyy more than need be).


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Here’s the thing: I never knew how many steps I take on an average day.

Ignorance is bliss.

Until the leftover baby bump that isn’t really a baby just kinda stays there after almost 5 months!!

We’re hoping the Fitbit aspect of challenging each other will help motivate us to move more.

Not that we’re competitive or anything…

Back to last night. At 11:45pm I realized I was just over 18,000 steps!! I was amazed! Seeing that number did one thing – made me want to hit 20,000 – more than crawling into bed and sleep itself. I wanted to hit that target!!

I started running around like a crazy woman. Laundry. Bottles. Towels. Whatever I could do.

And at 11:58 I found myself barely under 19,000. I gave it all I had for 2.5 minutes.


There you see it. I ended at 19,208.

Not too shabby.

And today I received an alert that since last Friday night at around 10pm (when I started wearing the Fitbit) I’ve basically completed A MARATHON!!!


And that is the only reference to a marathon you will EVER see next to my name!!! Hahahah!

Last night’s midnight bathroom run has taught me that knowledge is powerful. Seeing my progress each day drives me. It gives me understanding of when I move and when I don’t.

Then, it hit me. This can be true for so many aspects of life.

What if I applied this concept of knowledge and understanding to other areas?

Personal Goals.

The more I understand, the more I can fully grasp how to make positive decisions for myself and family.

Wisdom and knowledge can truly change our lives.

Here’s what the Bible has to say about that.

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Yep. Having wisdom is mightier than being strong. And gaining knowledge will only make us stronger and stronger.

Oh, and if you see us out in public, you might very well find Brian and I trying to out step each other 🙂

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      1. Yeah, that is definitely not the case. I was walking several times just around the carpet in the living room or jumping on a small trampoline of my kids only to get the next achievement! 😂😂

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