#1wordwednesday / UNPLUG (100 ideas for family, home, work and you)

It’s #1wordwednesday and we’re back again working on #lessin2016 – specifically CLUTTER for the month of January.

This week I’m focused on de-cluttering my mind and soul. I haven’t made an intentional effort to UNPLUG near as often as I should.

Here are 100 ideas to UNPLUG, using the 4 categories I use when setting personal goals.


  1. Take a roadtrip – for the day or overnight
  2. Go on a picnic
  3. Drive around the city and look at high rise buildings
  4. Go to the park
  5. Read a bedtime story together
  6. Family movie night
  7. Go on a nature walk or hike
  8. Family bike ride
  9. Go to church
  10. Jump rope
  11. Play hopscotch
  12. Make your own relay race
  13. Say prayers together
  14. Cook dinner together
  15. Make bubble soup – fill the sink with dishes and soap, have fun!
  16. Turn on your favorite songs and sing loud
  17. FaceTime a long distance friend or relative
  18. Do something together you’ve never done before
  19. Write thank you notes to your teachers
  20. Visit a nursing home
  21. Blow bubbles outside
  22. Create an in home spa – manicures, pedicures and massages for all!
  23. Help each other achieve a goal
  24. Fly kites
  25. Make ice cream sundaes


  1. Paint a piece of furniture
  2. Clean out the garage
  3. Create a reading nook
  4. Make a war room for prayer
  5. Frame and hang original artwork made by family members
  6. Hang twinkle lights in a bedroom
  7. Rake leaves and jump in the piles
  8. Offer to help a neighbor in their yard
  9. Build a fort with sheets and furniture
  10. Take everything out of a room and put back only the things that make you happy
  11. Hang curtains
  12. Roll your bath towels instead of fold them
  13. Light a candle or put oil in a diffuser
  14. Turn on lamps instead of bright overhead lights
  15. Paint a room
  16. Open the windows
  17. Move accessories around to see if you like them in a new place – shop your home
  18.  Set your dinner table with your finest China and glass dishes – just because
  19. Have a candlelight dinner
  20. Pick fresh flowers or greenery from your yard for your kitchen
  21. Bake cookies just to make your house smell yummy
  22. Sit by the fire or watch the fire on your computer or TV 🙂
  23. Wash your sheets and take them out of the dryer right before getting into bed
  24. Light tea light candles all throughout your home
  25. Write down 10 things you love about your home and put the list on the fridge.


  1. Go for a walk on your lunch break
  2. Bring a co-worker coffee in the morning just because
  3. Write down your favorite Bible verse and place it on your desk so that you see it often throughout the day
  4. Tell a co-worker 5 things you love about how they do their job
  5. Take a 5 minute nap 🙂
  6. Keep a daily devotional book on your desk and get into the habit of reading it each morning to start your day
  7. Set a timer to stretch your legs every hour and refocus
  8. Create a playlist of your favorite music to play in the background
  9. Post photos of your family and friends on your desk to inspire you
  10. Make a special calendar you can use to give a check mark each day you make progress on a personal goal
  11. Place a candy dish your desk – this will entice friends to stop by and say hello
  12. Invite your friends in the office to do a potluck food day
  13. Get out of the office at least once a week during lunch to recharge
  14. Keep a stash of your favorite teas and coffees in your desk drawer
  15. Start a walking club with co-workers during lunch, after or before work
  16. Make a list of 5 things you want to accomplish in the next month on your job. Keep that list on your wall.
  17. Take a dance break at your desk
  18. Set a timer and watch funny you tube videos for 5 minutes to make you laugh
  19. Watch a TED Talks video for inspiration
  20. Tell your boss thank you
  21. Tell your clients thank you
  22. Leave flowers in the restroom or break room
  23. Bring a stash of your favorite hand lotions to keep in your desk
  24. Start a book exchange with coworkers
  25. Get a green plant for your desk – it gives you more oxygen.


  1. Lay outside in your yard and watch the clouds
  2. Soak a wash cloth in ice cubes and peppermint – then hold on your face
  3. Take a bath with no distractions – just sit
  4. Close your eyes and count to 100 slowly
  5. Ride around with your car windows down and blast your favorite music
  6. Create a playlist of songs that bring back some of your favorite memories
  7. Find old home movies and watch them
  8. Walk 1,000 steps just because
  9. Create a step competition with a friend for a day. Track your steps via your phone on a free app
  10. Call an old friend to catch up
  11. Pull out your old photo boxes or albums to relive the memories
  12. Teach a friend to do something you’re good at
  13. Bake cookies for a friend just because
  14. Buy flowers at the grocery store
  15. Send a handwritten note to someone in the mail
  16. Take a ride in the car just for fun
  17. Invite a friend for coffee or lunch
  18. Make a dream board – attach photos of things you have as part of your personal goals in the next 1-5 years. Display the board where you see it often.
  19. Eat ice cream
  20. Write a note to your future self in 20 years. Give yourself advice on lessons learned.
  21. Make a list of fun things you want to do and mark them off at least 1x per week.
  22. Read a book
  23. Visit your old school to volunteer
  24. Find a mentor and tell them thank you
  25. Hug someone

There you go! Let’s all UNPLUG this week 😉

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4 replies to “#1wordwednesday / UNPLUG (100 ideas for family, home, work and you)

  1. These are really good. I have a devotional on my desk to help me get started on the day, I am sad to say I haven’t read in a while. I will start this week again. Maybe even try to squeeze in a walk. Thanks for these ideas.

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