#trashouttuesday / who wants to break up with BUSY?

Good MORNING, sweet friends!!

We’re over halfway through the month of January and honestly, I’m totally getting into this quest for #lessin2016! Week by week, I’m more encouraged and motivated to intentionally create a simplified life for me and my family.

So far this month our #trashouttuesday time together has focused on clutter inside the home, but today is completely different.

Today I’m bringing up a bad word: BUSY.

Who wants to join me in breaking up with busy for at least 10 minutes today?

Yes. I’m talking to YOU!


Emily Ley has been hosting the #simplicitychallenge2016 during the month of January over on her Instagram page.

emily ley simplicity challenge 2016

This post from the challenge really stuck out and caused me to think about intentionally creating less clutter in my mind and soul. I’m guilty of being so busy in everyday life that I forget to just DO NOTHING!

simplicity challenge do nothing

In a perfect world, I’d do absolutely nothing for an entire day. A girl can dream, right???

I love how Emily specifically challenged us to just 10 minutes.

Come on…we can all do this!!!

Unplug. Ditch the phone. Breathe. Soak in life. Create white space.

The seasons in my life when I’ve intentionally created down time have always resulted in a fresh perspective and purpose.

Our oldest daughter is out of school for a couple of teacher workdays this week and our family is taking time to unplug off the radar.

I’m sending this post early and signing off for now. You’ll find me on a park bench, cell phone put away…doing nothing for at least 10 minutes, maybe 30 if I’m lucky 🙂

Let’s all break up with busy and do nothing together today, friends!

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Encouragement for the Day:

the daily Starr encouragement for the day beware the barrenness

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