#makeovermonday / DIY makeovers for old wall decor

We all have those items hanging on our walls (or sitting in our garage or closets).

Maybe the style is out of date. Maybe it’s something that matched your old color scheme and now not so much anymore.

I have such a hard time getting rid of items like this. And a terrible habit of picking them up at thrift stores. Maybe because one of my things in life is seeing the broken beautiful. I love taking something that others would give up on and making it something that fits into our home.

The first item is this old photo that we used for staging homes several years ago. I love the photo itself, but it doesn’t match any of our current decor.


This could probably sell just fine to a friend or consignment shop, but I love the size of this piece. I decided to do a makeover and use for another purpose.

First, I found a background to use. I used regular scrapbook 12×12 pages. I had to cut them to fit and line them up to match the design. I did this first before gluing anything down.


Next, I got Mod Podge and covered the top of the painting and started laying down the pages on top.



I continued until they were all glued down, then I put on a layer of Mod Podge over the top of the paper.

I used a paint brush to apply the Mod Podge.

NOTE: I used regular thin scrapbook paper for this project and I would not do that again. You really need a thicker cardstock paper if you’re going to use the Mod Podge to attach. My paper bubbled up, which I’m totally ok with. If you’re a perfectionist, I would recommend thick paper or to use 3M adhesive spray to attach your paper instead.

Next, I found these cork board type banners on Clearance at Walmart. They came with twine to use for attaching to my frame. I hot glued the corners to the frame and then tied them off to cover the glue.



I love how it turned out – even the bubbles πŸ™‚ I attached the photos using one small hot glue dot so that I can easily remove them and change out the photos periodically.


The second project from this weekend involved this smaller print. Again, something that just doesn’t match our current decor, but I love the size.


I wanted to cover this piece entirely with black and white photos as the background. I printed all of the photos at Walgreens. I love their mobile app. It is one of the few quick print apps that automatically converts 4×4 photos (Instagram square photos) to the correct size. For example, CVS turns those photos into 4×6 and cuts people out of the photos every time.

I positioned my photos on the frame and arranged them before gluing anything down.


I took a photo of my layout with my phone in case they got mixed up during the gluing process.

Then, I started with the first one and covered the artwork with Mod Podge.


After they were all put on, I covered the entire piece with another layer of Mod Podge.


I promise it doesn’t look pretty here and you can see the paintbrush lines, but they dry clear!


It gives such a polished and professional look!

Next, I added something totally unique and sentimental to this piece.

My grandmother’s silverware.


There’s a story behind this, which I love. My grandmother passed away when I was in middle school. She had been sick for many years with cancer. One of the things I always wanted to have was her pink silverware. And I even told her so before she died πŸ™‚ We still use this silverware and I wanted a way to keep this and pass it down in our family.

Brian helped me cut the holes and we attached the silverware using electrical wire that is tied and cut off around the back.

That’s a wrap for today’s #makeovermonday!

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