#funfriday / our family roadtrip survival guide 2016

Happy #funfriday everyone!

Tonight, we’re on the road headed to visit family and we’re all soooo excited to finally meet our newest addition to the family all the way from China – Sweet P!!!

sweet p adoption rocks kristin peddicord joy in the waiting

[photo via Facebook, Kristin Peddicord – Joy in the Waiting]

T-2 hours and I finally get to hold this little munchkin in my arms!!!! Don’t be jealous!!

Brock is currently sleeping – oh wait. Just kidding (and we might be stopping AGAIN to feed him before our destination arrival….ghahhhh).


Kayla and Kylie are in the back and have only asked how much longer about 10 times each. It was Sports Day at school – thus the Panthers hand-me-down jerseys! Thanks Kelley family!!


Brian is driving and hasn’t stopped to get sunflower seeds to keep himself awake yet. Don’t worry. He wasn’t driving while I took this. We stopped to potty.


And me – well, I’m riding and typing on my little keyboard (trying to not get sick as we are on the winding mountain roads of NC…hello…this was not a good idea!).


I was planning to do a #funfriday Panther’s Tailgate party in the car as we headed out on the road this afternoon, BUT. I didn’t have time because I waited until this morning to start packing..hahah! #procrastinatorproblems

Instead, the fun for today was stopping at McDonald’s for dinner – how original, right???

Hey. They loved it. Because they don’t get McDonald’s very often 🙂

Here you go – our Family Roadtrip Survival Guide of 2016!


#1: Movies

We love movies on roadtrips. A few of our favorites currently: Inside Out, Frozen, Lion King, Home and Monster’s Inc.

Frozen_(2013_film)_poster index lion king index inside out indexmonsters inc index

#2: Snacks

I picked up some old school snacks for this trip. Remember these? Oh YEA!!


And I grabbed some of these because I just love me some Nutella!!


#3: Stickers and Crayons and Markers. OH MY!

I went through our house today and grabbed every single play pad, coloring mat, marker set, sticker book, etc – that I could find. They SHALL NOT GET BORED!

#4: Blankets and Pillows

Our girls always fall asleep. And this helps. Ha!

#5: Roadtrip Bingo

We LOVE travel games. Here is an example of one that you can print for free online from 247moms.com:


#6: The Boat Game

Count how many boats you see. This is an old favorite with my family in Tennessee. Mainly because people in Tennessee always seem to have more boats than people in NC. So we count them. And keep score.

#7: The License Plate Game

Keep a running list and see how many states you can find on your roadtrip. My family and I always use to do this when we took roadtrips. I love it!

#8: The Alphabet Game

Pick your teams. Start with the beginning of the alphabet and run all the way through. Call out a word you see on a sign that includes the letter. For example, A – Frances. B – Broad. C – Creek. See, I just saw all of those in like 10 seconds!! I rock at this game.

#9: Prayer

Brian and I have always prayed when we pull out of the driveway. Lord, keep us safe. My parents did this with me when I was little and it is a tradition I want to keep and pass down to our kiddos.

#10: Sleep

The person with the most sleep should drive. HA! If not, listen to loud music, get ice to eat, get sunflower seeds and mountain dew. And ALWAYS put your windows down and blast the horn when going through tunnels. Unless you have a sleeping baby, that is 🙂

Happy weekending, friends!

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