#1wordwednesday / what 1 item will you sort by category this week?

It’s #1wordwednesday and we’re back again working on #lessin2016 – specifically CLUTTER for the month of January.

Last week’s question was this:

Name 1 thing you have held onto for too long

I loved hearing all of your responses:

Everything (hahaha)
Christmas Decorations
Baby Clothes
STUFF (yep!!!)
Bathing Suits
Potential Projects
All of the above
Underwear (that was mine)

I can absolutely relate to all of these items!! Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one that has a problem holding onto my stuff.

We can do this together, friends!

I read this from The Nester’s blog related to clutter and it has stuck with me all week long:


[click here or the photo to read the entire blog post]

That leads me to this week’s #1wordwednesday question of the week:


My 1 item will be BAGS.

I’ve already started gathering every single kind of bag I can find in this house. Luggage. Diaper Bags. Purses. Reusable Grocery Bags. IKEA bags. Bookbags. Makeup Bags.

FullSizeRender 6

Once they are all gathered together in the bonus room, I’m creating 3 stacks:


I love this method. I’ve already sorted towels and blue jeans using this category method over the past couple of weeks and it is changing the way I sort out our clutter.

the daily Starr trash out tuesday counting bath towels 6

FullSizeRender 5

Now it’s your turn!

Join me. Leave your 1 word to sort and set a goal to be done by next Wednesday.

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2 replies to “#1wordwednesday / what 1 item will you sort by category this week?

    1. Ha! Brian told me that books needed to be next on my list!!!! Especially if you look under my side of the bed – they are everywhere!!!!

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