#trashouttuesday / the devil wears 24 pairs of blue jeans and has a couch full of bags

Tonight I am coming to you from a very broken place.

God is working in my life, friends. And it isn’t very pretty at the moment.

I’m being completely serious when I tell you that I’m in a spiritual battle with my stuff.

I’ve had a tight grip on material things and my hands haven’t been open. I’ve hoarded, shopped and stuffed my closets full until I came completely face to face with the reality of this sin in my life.

My stuff is holding me back.

My stuff is suffocating my entire family.

I have SOOO much more to say to you on this topic, but not for tonight.

Tonight, I’m kicking the devil out of my house.

Just like Elizabeth in the movie, War Room – this has been me tonight:

Devil – you are out. This house and our stuff is under new management.

Take your purses, blue jeans, bags and shoes. AND GET OUT!

I’m so sick of you taking my joy through excess. 

No more!!

How did I get to this place?

I counted blue jeans. 24 pair to be exact.

FullSizeRender 5

FullSizeRender 7

And then my heart sank. How did I let this happen for so long, Lord?

Then, I got mad.

And gathered every bag I could in 10 minutes and threw them on this couch.

FullSizeRender 6

At that point, I wanted to cry in disgust.

Until a friend sent me a text message at that very moment with the most encouraging words you can imagine.

You have been on my mind and I just want to tell you I love you and I’m praying for you and your calling. You are such a special friend to me and I have learned so much from you. You are an inspiration to me and I just thought you needed to know this tonight. Love you so much!

At that very moment, I felt the hand of God over me saying, “Yes, my child. THIS is what I’ve been waiting on.”

This #trashouttuesday story to-be continued…

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7 replies to “#trashouttuesday / the devil wears 24 pairs of blue jeans and has a couch full of bags

  1. Same problem here Starr. I’m overwhelmed with all my stuff and don’t know where to start but I did get a big boxful of books cleared out today.. Now what to do with them.. The clothes I keep putting off. It’s ridiculous!! You are such an inspiration and influence! Thank you for you!,, Linda

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    1. Oh Linda! Thank you for encouraging me tonight. We can do this!! The books could go to a nursing home or do a book exchange with friends. I even read about one small neighborhood that created a book box in a culdesac. It was a bird box that they could put books inside and trade around with friends! Maybe think about that concept and how you can share with others! Maybe even post them on Facebook and give them away! Thank you for YOU!

  2. Thank you!!! I am right there with you,I bought another house Dec. 30th which means I am in the process of de cluttering,packing, throwing away 20&years of stuff!!! I’ve put off the basement and Terry’s closet full of clothes, hats and just stuff!! I have prayed about this many times and now I feel I am strong enough to do this!!! Why do I hold onto things I know I will never wear again or use again?? Bags seemed to be one of my weakness . Just know u are not alone and you give me strength!! ❤️Patty

    1. Oh Patty!!! I can only imagine what you’re going through. I see this all of the time with people that we help sell their houses. It isn’t fun at all. I’m so glad that God is giving you the strength to do this now!!! I hold onto things too. God is going to honor our honesty and our desire to be closer to Him through this!! Thank you for commenting and for letting me know you’re there too. I will be lifting you up, friend!

  3. Looks like God is convicting you and me of the same thing. My huge closet filled so fast with so much that one person could not wear. I have been sharing with others though. Have also cut way back when shopping. Prayers for you my sister in Christ.

  4. Kat, yes – God is certainly doing just that. I’m hearing more and more of people that feel the same way. It is a different way of life to live with less – something most people never accomplish. God can do so much with a willing heart to draw closer to Him and away from our stuff. I will be praying for you too! Thank you for commenting!

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