#shareitsaturday / the best FREE online photo storage

It’s #shareitsaturday and this is a topic I’ve struggled to find a solution for!

PHOTOS! Specifically – digital photos.

I have 2,000+ photos on my phone currently.
And 30,000+ on my computer.


I do use both for personal and work, so that accounts for some of the massive numbers. But, still.

I have hard drives galore and CDs that hold our precious memories from this digital age. And I’ve always had a fear of a fire or theft of these items. What would I do? Those memories would all be gone in a flash.

The thought of selecting photos one by one to upload was daunting. And the cost…goodness…I don’t want to pay for yet another online subscription service.

This week I researched to find the best online photo storage solution and here it is!

Google Photos

google photos

Here are the reasons why I’m using Google Photos to store all of my digital photos –

#1: There is an app available for your phone and for your desktop computer that enables automatic uploads. This is available for Mac, iPhone, PC, Android, etc. Search your app store for the free download. No uploading photos one at a time, download and set it to run. It does it all on its own!

google photos

#2: Unlimited FREE storage for photos and videos. I found several other photo storage options that only had free storage for photos, not video. Also, most aren’t unlimited. When you reach a certain space, you have to start paying. Google is currently completely 100% free if you choose the High Quality option when uploading (see below). It’s always good to keep the original copies of your photos – especially if they are professional files. But this online backup in high quality will be just fine for our family.


#3: The search capability is unlike anything you’ve seen. I can type the word “Christmas Tree” in Google Photos and up pops every single photo that has anything related to a Christmas tree – even if it was a tiny drawing or a Christmas tree cookie – it pulls up!!

christmas trees

You can also search by face recognition, places, things and file types! It gives suggestions for you to start and you can go from there.

search by

#4: Google Photos creates these amazing things called “Animations” as you upload photos. What is an animation? If you have a series of photos that were all taken one right after the other, Google combines the photos to create a moving animation. It is FANTASTIC!! Here are examples below. This might just be my favorite thing ever.





Note: You don’t have to do a thing to get these!! Google Photos just creates these FOR YOU!!! Simple – they’re in your library!!!

Not only do they automatically create animations, they make copies of some of your photos and add filters to make them look pretty. Look what they did to this photo I took in NYC a few years ago! It looks like it could be a postcard!


They also automatically create collages and movies of photos that are taken together!!


This is like an old fashioned projector slide show!!


As you can tell, I’m pretty much in love with Google Photos. All of our memories will soon be uploaded, safe and easily searchable. Also, super quick to print. No more going through CDs and hard drives.

This is wonderful stuff.

Happy Saturday!

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