#thirstythursday / selecting scriptures to pray over your family in 2016

Last week on #thirstythursday, 2015 came to an end and I shared my very own War Room!

In creating my war room space, I decided to pick a verse to pray over each member of our family, as well as certain aspects of our lives.

I selected a verse for each of the following:

Kylie (I had already selected her verse on her birthday this year)
Our Marriage
Our Family
Our Church
Our Business
My Writing

draw the circle 40 day prayer challenge 2016 2

draw the circle 40 day prayer challenge 2016 1

draw the circle 40 day prayer challenge 2016 3

My plan is to change out the prayers for each family member on their birthday each year. The other verses I will change out when the new year comes around.

I want to be intentional in my prayers this year and specifically pray the Word of God over our lives and our home.

There wasn’t any special formula to how I picked the verses.

My favorite Bible is actually a children’s illustrated Bible.

FullSizeRender 3

All throughout the Bible, it highlights key verses. I just kept flipping the pages and looking at the boxes!


I outlined each verse and wrote the topic and the year in the margins. I love looking back in my Bible and seeing when God used a scripture in my life.

I also documented each of the verses in my prayer journal.

FullSizeRender 4

I want to keep these verses in front of me all year long. It helps to see them over and over again – in my Bible, in my journal, on the wall.

The more I see them, the more I recite them, the more they will stay fresh in my mind.

One way to select a verse is to think of a topic first. Maybe you want to pray PEACE over someone in your life. The easiest way to find options for verses that match your topic is to go to google.com and in the search bar type “scripture about PEACE” or “scripture about JOY” or “scripture about love”, etc.

You’ll be amazed at the lists you’ll find with ideas and suggestions. I do these types of searches all the time when I’m looking for inspiration or needing a pick me up.

How about you? Want to start praying scriptures over your family? Join me in 2016! Let’s make this a year to remember! Let’s make this the year we got serious about prayer in our everyday lives. Let’s live the Bible in our homes!!

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