#1wordwednesday / name one thing you have held onto for too long

It’s #1wordwednesday and for 2016 I’m switching things up here on the blog.

Remember last week, I shared that my 1 word for 2016 is LESS.

less in 2016 the daily starr

During the month of January, our family is working on less clutter.

We want to hear from YOU today!

the daily Starr 1 word wednesday less in 2016

I’ll go first!


WhyYYYYY oh Whyyyyyyyy???>?>>

The lesson I learned from my underwear this week:

Many years ago I found this amazing looking pair of underwear. They were seamless, stretchy (but not granny), pretty colors and the softest material. And they were on sale (STORY OF MY LIFE). I grabbed 1 of each color – 3 pair to be exact. I couldn’t wait to wear my new comfy cute undies to work the next day. It was a hot summer day. And I was wearing a skirt to the office. And my new underwear. After walking in from the parking lot and on to the cafeteria to grab my large cup of tea for the day, I realized upon getting to my desk that there may just be a slight problem. The new underwear seemed to be getting stretchier by the minute. A LOT stretchier. I went on to my first meeting. And as I came back to my desk, I sat down quickly. I almost didn’t make it. My underwear were about to fall right off and be around my ankles. This was not a good situation. Not good at all. I did what anyone with falling underwear would do. I went to the bathroom with my purse and took care of the situation. And then I took an early lunch break and headed to Target for an emergency run to get new underwear.

Why did I tell you this story??

Because some 8 years later, those comfy cute HORRIBLE underwear were still in my drawer!!!!!! NOT KIDDING!

It was time. Throw. Them. Out. Starr.

This got me to wondering, “What else have I been holding onto for no good earthly reason that is taking up dear precious space in my house??” #lessin2016

Your turn! Let’s hear your 1 word answer to this week’s question! I’ll use some of your answers and share ideas for LESS over the coming week. Just 1 word – that’s all you need to leave!

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15 replies to “#1wordwednesday / name one thing you have held onto for too long

  1. Bathing suits! I have about 10, maybe more…… And I wear 2. Some I haven’t worn EVER! Thank you for sharing this story, I needed a giggle tonight.

    1. Hahah you know I aim to make you smile and giggle πŸ™‚ and to think I was planning to send a bunch of my “too small” bathing suits to you!!!! Hahahhaahha

  2. Shoes- many of which I know I’ll never wear again, some are so uncomfortable I can’t stand them, some are to big or to small, and some have no match (for some reason I always think the match will show up).

    1. I am laughing at how you keep shoes without matches!! I have some of these for my kids!! And I too have some that are soooo uncomfortable! Why oh why do we do this to ourselves???

    1. Oh my goodness. Yep. Me too. I could run a craft department right out of my bonus room! Maybe we need to host an unfinished project day and have friends to help us finish them all!! πŸ™‚

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