#trashouttuesday / reader question: donate or sell??

Today’s #trashouttuesday post is a follow-up to yesterday’s closet makeover and goes well with my personal theme for the year: Less in 2016.

I received a reader inquiry via email today that is actually a FANTASTIC question!

the daily Starr reader question

So read your post about your closet today and I have a question…Do you ever feel guilty about just dropping things off at Goodwill or somewhere? I donate a lot so I hope this doesn’t sound selfish.  But some of the things that are nicer – like when my daughter outgrows expensive shoes after one season (which her grandparents bought, I did not) I feel like I need to take the time to try to sell and recoup some of that money to put toward her next shoes.  Hence the MESS in our spare bedroom that is NOT usable due to aforesaid MESS!!!  I’m about at the point to just give it all away because I can’t stand the mess and it would take so long to try to sell.  Then that makes me feel lazy.   lol

First of all – I can totally relate to this reader in so many ways!! I think this is why I end up hoarding so many things I don’t need – I think, “Well, I can take this here or sell this or give this away on the blog…blah blah blah!”

And then my extra bedroom and closets are maxed to capacity and I feel exactly like you!

That process gets exhausting. I’ve done it. I bought the tshirt. And the sweatshirt. I’m an expert in the field.

Our Plan for Donating and Selling Excess:

Donations: Find an organization that has a specific need for your items and actually distributes them first hand to people in need.

For example –

I donate all of my dress suits and dress clothes to an organization called Dress for Success. They support and empower homeless women to get back into the job force. They provide coaching and training, computers, and a suit for an interview. Once the clients land the job, they provide them with clothing to get them through a week. I love this concept!

Maternity Clothes – I donate all of these items to our local HELP Pregnancy Center. They see women everyday in need and some come without the support of anyone. These clothes empower a woman making a choice to choose life. I want to help with that.

General Household Items – we save these items for either our local homeless shelter or to anyone we hear about in need through other local ministries and our church.

Items of Value/Furniture: Sell via Yard Sales, Facebook or Craigslist

Background: 2 summers ago, Brian and I went on our first mission trip. We served in Brazil with our local Christian radio station. It was amazing. And expensive. Anyone that has taken these types of trips knows they come with a pretty hefty price tag.

It just so happened that we were in the process of cleaning out my grandmother’s home and ended up with a house JAM PACKED full of furniture a few months before the trip.

We decided to keep some items and sell some. In order to make room for anything in our house, we had to sell what we already had.

And we needed money for Brazil.

We started gathering items for a yard sale. The night before our first big yard sale – I took a few photos with my cell phone of the larger items and simply posted them to Facebook on my personal page.


I had most of the furniture sold that night. I couldn’t believe it.

That summer we sold enough of our stuff and grandma’s stuff to pay our entire way to Brazil!!!

Most of the items we sold were by posting simple photos on my Facebook page. We sold them to people we knew or people who knew people we knew. This is by far the simplest, quickest and safest way to sell something of value.

What we didn’t sell, we posted to Craigslist. I know there will be mixed reviews for this. If you are a single person, I wouldn’t recommend using Craigslist. We always made safety a priority. You have to be careful and smart when selling on Craigslist.

Anything else leftover that doesn’t sell or doesn’t fit in the categories for donations above: We usually drop at Goodwill or take to church and donate to the Youth Group (they host at least 1 yard sale per year to pay for trips, etc).

How about you? What’s your plan for donating and selling? I’d love to hear your input and any ideas that have been easy for your family!

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2 replies to “#trashouttuesday / reader question: donate or sell??

  1. My Husband runs a business networking group called iRefer. They are partnered with a local charity Grace Klein. They give free of charge to anyone in need and take donations of just about anything. Clothes, household items, etc. That’s where a lot of our furniture went when we moved. I post things on an app called Yerdle. It’s like a big yard sale online. You buy with Yerdle Dollars and pay just S/H. I have 150 plus gives and 150 less items in my home. Sorry so long. Just wanted to share.

  2. Gina – no need to apologize!! I’m so glad you shared what you’re doing for everyone. I’ve never heard of Yerdle – I will have to check that out! Thank you for sharing!!

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