#makeovermonday / master closet makeover part 1

This #makeovermonday is still a work in progress!

My focus in 2016 is all about LESS. And specifically for the month of January, I’m working on LESS clutter.

I started things off right New Year’s Day by staying home and working in the master closet ALL DAY LONG. #longestdayever

This is not one of my favorite things.

Several particulars you should probably know before I show any photos:

  • I have always struggled with hoarding clothes, shoes, purses and bags. I even have things from HIGH SCHOOL. Yep. 20 years ago. Sad.
  • I have fluctuated sizes over the years with having babies, thus my wardrobe features various sizes, which equals more clothes.
  • I like bargains. It is a rare occasion that I would pay full price for anything. I don’t shop designer brands, I’m just as happy as can be with that french designer – TARRRGEHH! (aka Target)
  • Our house features a massive master closet. I thought this was a wonderful feature. It is not. It just means all the more stuff I can stuff in there.
  • Don’t be fooled by these photos to think we are some rich people with a custom closet. We are not. We live in a cookie cutter neighborhood (that I actually love) with houses that are way too close together. It is home for us. My mother-in-law builds furniture and cabinets. She built our closet for us. She’s AMAZING!!
  • The photos listed below do not reflect the HOURS that have been poured into this closet Part 1 makeover.
  • God had a sense of humor nudging me to put my “war room” inside of our master closet. He knows how this closet has been my #1 struggle for a long time. A struggle and war with my stuff. Now that I’m sitting in the little corner each day praying, I’m forced to be face-to-face with a personal battle. I’m asking God to help me with this, seriously.
  • I’ve got sooo far to go, but I’ve come so far already!! Yayyy!

This closet battle has been going for a long time. Here is what it looked like over a year ago (and honestly what it ends up looking like most days).

piles closet

Corners busting with stuff. Stuff piled in the middle of the floor. Hanging clothes packed full with no room whatsoever.

I’ve probably gotten rid of about half of my clothes over the past year.

But, that wasn’t enough.

About a month ago, I challenged myself to get rid of 100 items in 10 minutes. I ended up getting rid of 200+ items that night.

the daily Starr makeover monday master closet makeover 10

the daily Starr makeover monday master closet makeover 9

the daily Starr makeover monday master closet makeover 8

So then, I decided to add my War Room and had to clear out an entire corner full of clothes and stuff.

the daily Starr makeover monday master closet makeover 7

This is where I started New Year’s Day.

the daily Starr makeover monday master closet makeover 6

I know. Doesn’t look like I’ve accomplished much, right??

And after working on and off all weekend, I’ve once again gotten rid of at least half (I’m going to count the items this week).

the daily Starr makeover monday master closet makeover 1

This is the least amount of clothes I’ve had since I can’t even remember. There is room on the shelves. All of my clothes are washed. I’ve got only one corner with long dresses and skirts AND jackets. This is progress.

I’ve even started cleaning out the shelves.

the daily Starr makeover monday master closet makeover 2


And we have hangers for the entire family now!

the daily Starr makeover monday master closet makeover 3

For the first time ever, I went through and did a hanger swap out. I got rid of EVERY SINGLE HANGER that my clothes fall off of. Those came out and either got donated or sent to the kid’s rooms. I only kept hangers that keep my clothes on. No more fighting falling clothes! YAYY!

And I’ve boxed up all the maternity clothes that I want to keep. They were taking up space. Because really, if I wear them now…one of y’all would be saying….”Are you preggo again???” Stop. Just stop.

We also boxed up the kids clothes today that are too small and out of season or too big. Up to the attic!!

the daily Starr makeover monday master closet makeover 4

I’m not sure if this post will encourage anyone. I’ve got a long ways to go.

Because – well, in true Starr fashion – THIS is the other side of the closet.


I’m giving myself a deadline of 1 week. 1 week to finish what I started (because I ALWAYS struggle with that).

My goal? To have a place for every item of clothing, shoes, bags, purses and suitcases – inside this closet. That’s never happened in the history of forever for me. I’ve got stuff hidden everywhere.



Less is better.

Goodnight, friends.

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7 replies to “#makeovermonday / master closet makeover part 1

  1. This is EXACTLY what I have been doing since New Years Day! War room and cleaning out closet. I have my own. But I moved in July and I am still living out of boxes and piles of clothes. I am so bothered by it that I have lost sleep. Can you believe that? Stuff is just not worth the angst. Praying for you to meet your goal. And know you have encouraged me once again! Gina

    1. Gina!! Thank you for commenting and letting me know I’m not alone!! I’ve struggled for so long with this. I will be praying for you too!!

  2. Okay My awesome friend!!! You have encouraged me to get busy!!! Not just on my closest but other things in my life as well!!! I’m going to make me a war room in one of my closest and so much more!! I have said it once and I will say it again, you inspire me and I’m sure so many other people can say the same thing!!!
    Gina Wise Lehman

    1. Ok my awesome WISE friend!! I love you!! Yes, yes, yes!! Do get busy!! You won’t regret your war room. I had been thinking of doing that since watching the movie and just never got serious about it. I’m SOOO glad I did! And getting rid of the stuff has been super hard, but feels like a weight is being lifted off my shoulders. Love you and cannot wait to see you soon!!

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