#slowitdownSunday / father to the fatherless

As I sit and #slowitdownSunday, I’m reflecting on a topic God put in my path numerous times at church this morning – and it is still stuck in my mind tonight. I’m still not sure why God keeps bringing this to me – maybe it is for one of you that really needs to hear this tonight.

Part of our Sunday School lesson talked about the role of fathers. There were some astounding statistics around children that grow up without a father. A few of those statistics included:

40% of children in America are growing up without a dad

Those children are 2x more likely to drop out of school

2x as likely to commit a crime and get arrested

Girls without a father…

53% more likely to get married as a teenager

111% more likely to have children as a teenager

164% more likely to have an out of wedlock birth

92% more likely to get divorced themselves

WOW. I had no idea that the reality of a missing father figure had this kind of impact on our society.

BUT. I do know a father to the fatherless…


This is GOD. He is the only hope.

Once again, God brought this to my attention today. Our choir sang “Your Great Name” during worship and one line says this:

All the weak find their strength at the sound of your great name
Hungry souls receive grace at the sound of your great name
The FATHERLESS—they find their rest at the sound of your great name
The sick are healed and the dead are raised at the sound of your great name


Wherever you are tonight. Father. No father.

God is.

He will never leave you.

He will never disappoint you.

He will always be by your side.

Just call His name.



He is our heavenly Father.

We have each been adopted into His Kingdom – if we believe and have called out His name.

And He lives.



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8 replies to “#slowitdownSunday / father to the fatherless

  1. Amen! Fathers are truly important people in our children’s lives. Statistics like this just WOW me. I am one of those statistics…… Wow!! thank you Lord for saving me!

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