#slowitdownSunday / this week: STAY CALM

It’s 12 days ’til Christmas.

Those people who post about having all of their shopping done and their presents wrapped and neatly placed under the tree…make me want to gag.


Meanwhile, I’m over here with two trees that sat outside in buckets of water for 2 weeks – that JUST NOW made it inside. No lights. No decorations. Just trees. BIG trees.

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Gifts wrapped??? BHAHAHAHAH. I’ll check back in with you on Christmas Eve…

Don’t you worry though, I’ll keep those trees up long enough to enjoy them – I can assure you!!!!

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and super stressed this time of year.

Family that doesn’t get along at holiday gatherings.
Friends and family that are battling health problems.
A 3 year old that has had an out of control tantrum everyday for the past 5 days. ((sigh))
Parties and dinners and programs and potlucks OH MY.

This morning in our Sunday School class we talked about prayer and how it has the potential to make a huge difference in your life. One of the suggestions was to start a weekly prayer focus with your small group.

I love that idea.

And since you’re my online friends, I kinda consider you a “small group” of sorts!

This week I have decided to focus my prayers on this: STAY CALM.

When the 3 year old is having a fit. Stay calm.
When the 4 month old is screaming his lungs out. Stay calm.
When the deadlines at work and home seem impossible. Stay calm.
When there doesn’t seem like enough hours in the day to finish it all. Stay calm.
When there aren’t any lights on the trees or decorations pulled out of the garage. Stay calm.
When things aren’t anywhere near perfect. Stay calm.
When you haven’t sent out any invitations for a birthday dinner that is one week from tonight. Stay calm.

the daily Starr stay calm

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Goodness gracious I’m glad the Lord Himself is fighting for me.

‘Cause tonight I don’t feel like I have much left to fight on my own.

He promised to take care of it all. I just need to #slowitdownSunday and stay calm.

Want to join me this week in praying to stay calm? Let me know! I’ll add you in when I pray for my own crazy family. Because prayer can make all the difference in the world!

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Encouragement for the Day:

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday stay calm

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18 replies to “#slowitdownSunday / this week: STAY CALM

  1. Yes, remember me with my pressures from my job. I’ll remember you as you deal with the little ones. Isaiah 41:10 is my very favorite scripture! Love you!

  2. Girl, you know you can add me. I have bought no gifts and if it wasn’t for my older girls liking Christmas decorations then I wouldn’t have any up either. I’m at work too much to decorate. You can always borrow my girls to help you.

  3. Braelyn and I just prayed for Kylie. Things will get better. It made my heart smile ( even if pastor wasn’t smiling) when they were running around church tonight. Braelyn loves all you guys so much. You pray for me and I will pray for you. Stay calm!

  4. Don’t gag! For the first time in my life I am that person!! I posted earlier on facebook a picture everything done. Then promptly found our that we will have a guest for Christmas and I now have to shop for her! I wasn’t bragging, I was so excited because that never happens! However, you have to remember I have an 18 and nearly 22 year old! Just think on that! That means, for the past 21 years this has never happened! Were I am or thought I was done shopping! You are right. Keep calm! Make memories! Do you think any of your children will remember that you didn’t decorate your tree until the day before Christmas? No! but they will remember that it was fun with the family! Love your blog and how you share it all! Thanks for the time you give to us!

    1. Hahahahhahahah Judy this made me smile 🙂 I don’t hate you!!! And one day I will be there – in 20 years or so hahahahhahahah!! I’m so very proud of you!! Thank you for always reading and commenting! 🙂

  5. Add me to your list!!! I’ll be praying for you too!!! I am so blessed and can’t complain but it’s a busy week with 18 excited 3rd graders, a funeral service for my dear sweet aunt, and packing for a huge trip that we’re so excited about. Friday can’t get here fast enough!!!

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