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When it’s the toughest day. Trust.
When the nights are long. Trust.
When the answer doesn’t come. Trust.
When the understanding isn’t there. Trust
When the timing is off. Trust.
When your heart is broken. Trust.
When the light seems far off. Trust.
When you’re tired of the crying. Trust.
When you feel like you can’t take anymore. Trust.
When you’re not sure why. Trust.
When you feel all alone. Trust.

God’s arms are there. Trust.
The sun will rise again. Trust.
The darkness will not win. Trust.
His timing is perfect. Trust
He mends the broken hearts. Trust.
There will be no more tears. Trust.
He will carry you when you can’t walk. Trust.
God will always be there. Trust.

On this #1wordwednesday I pray that we all learn to TRUST a little more than yesterday.

“Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.” – Psalm 9:10

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11 replies to “#1wordwednesday / trust

  1. Well said. Well done. TRUST. He knows best. His plan is perfect. Thank you for these words tonight. I needed this. Sometimes I think you write directly to me πŸ™‚

    1. It’s like you knew exactly what happened throughout my entire day today. Thank you for being faithful to the Lord in the things you write. I love you. M. Lockey

      1. Love you, sweet friend. I was just writing about what I needed for the day. So we must be on very similar journeys at the moment!! ((Hugs))

  2. Trust is something that I have always had trouble with. I am a strong woman with a strong will power, and trusting someone else always made me feel weak or incapable. But I learned the true meaning of trust when I told God that I wanted to be an extremely happy single woman ( because trying to find Mr Right was miserable and I was so unhappy). There again “I” was looking, not trusting God to find him. So when I did let go and trust God for my ultimate happiness being single…..God smiled and sent me Mr Right, the man I needed all along, the one I had ignored for years because he was shorter than me. So I trust now, more than ever, and when I can’ t trust, I lean on His promises.

    1. Melody – if there is ever a person that can relate to your words here – GIRLLLL it is me!!!! From being the strong woman with strong will power to the part about a guy being shorter than you!!!!!! You made me smile. Thank you for encouraging others with your comments, especially me πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you sweet Starr! This is so true and many times I have failed at this! But I’m learning He is working everything for the good!
    Thanks for your wonderful post!β™‘

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