#makeovermonday / 7 rules to save money shopping

Today’s #makeovermonday post is all about making over your shopping budget on this Cyber Monday!!

If you didn’t know already, one of my best friends is named CLARANCE!!! Bhahaha. My grandma Glennie the Great introduced him to me 🙂

Here are 7 rules I use to save money shopping:


Rule #1 – Wait for the sale….wait…wait..BAM!

It is a RARE occasion that I buy something full price. Especially if we’re talking Target (probably my favorite store  – it doesn’t help that I live 5 minutes from one that I pass everyday – TORTURE!!!). Purses, clothes, party supplies, kitchen, seasonal – they mark ALL of it down. You just have to be patient and wait it out. Watch the end of the aisles – that’s where they store things when they get marked down. CLARANCE!!!!

Rule #2 – Use promo codes to shop online

Today is the biggest online shopping day all year. Rule #1 still applies when it comes to shopping online. If you don’t see a sale on the website or product you’re searching – google it. For example, I ALWAYS google the words “Target promo code” or “American Eagle Promo Code” or “INSERT YOUR FAVORITE STORE HERE promo code”. The most reliable site for promo codes would have to be Retail Me Not. Other times you may find random codes that still work. It never hurts to try!! All they can do is say, “This promo code doesn’t apply.” Oh well, find another!!

Rule #3 – Combine multiple promo codes if possible

Some retailers will allow you to add multiple codes – try it!! For example – today I combined two promo codes online with Target. One code gave $5 off $50 and one code for 15% off sitewide. They both worked! This was also combined with my Red Card 5% discount AND Target had a special for a $15 gift card with purchase on this Keurig Elite coffee maker!! With all of my codes and specials, I ended up getting the $109 Keurig Elite coffee maker for….$47.87!!! Wooohoooo!!

the daily Starr makeover monday how to save money shopping 4

Rule #4 – Use the ship to store for free option

Even if you can go to the store and shop – you may find that you save money by purchasing the item online and then picking it up for free. This can actually save you time and money. For example, the sites will tell you which stores have the items in stock and also they pull the items for you. All you have to do is show up at the customer service desk. Most of the time, you aren’t charged until you actually pick up the item.

Rule #5 – Compare online prices vs in-store prices

Just today, I needed to buy a few extra bottles for Brock. Here is the package in the store:

the daily Starr makeover monday how to save money shopping 8

$20.49 for a 3 pack of 8 oz bottles.

I decided to look online because of the excellent 15% online sale that Target is running for today – and WOAHHHHH – the price of the bottles online was only….$12.19!!! AND I get 15% off!!!

the daily Starr makeover monday how to save money shopping 11

So, naturally – I stood there in the middle of the baby aisle on my smart phone and ordered myself 3 boxes of the $12 bottles and my grand total with the promo code came to: $31.52!! BAM!!!

the daily Starr makeover monday how to save money shopping 6

(I seriously had to fight the urge to walk up to the front customer service desk with the 3 boxes of bottles and tell them that I’m simply helping them pull my own online order….hahahahah!!!)

Rule #6 – Compare different stores and read online reviews

Before we ever make a big purchase, I get online and google the item. I want to see who has it for what price and what other people are saying. This has made me second guess many items that I thought were great “deals” – but no one found the item particularly useful!!!

One example of comparing different stores would be this Dyson vacuum cleaner I’ve been eyeing. Some friends recently bought this vacuum on sale at Lowe’s and they got a great deal: Reg price $499 and it went on sale for 4 days last week at $375!

BUT – I watched that same vacuum cleaner and LOOK AT THIS:

With today’s Target specials and promo codes you could get that same $499 Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum cleaner for only $298!!!!!!!


the daily Starr makeover monday how to save money shopping 12

Rule #7 – Shop second hand when possible

I’ve found many deals on some of my favorite items at consignments shops, Craigslist and friends that post photos of things for sale on Facebook. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure. And goodness gracious, I’ve got a LOT of treasures!!

One of my friends sold this barely used Kitchen Aid blender for only $100 last year. SWEEET! Maybe one of these years I’ll learn how to actually bake 🙂

the daily Starr makeover monday how to save money shopping 1

Beware, saving money can make you feel like superwoman or superwife.

And you just might find yourself sending text messages to your husband like this:

the daily Starr makeover monday how to save money shopping 2

YES – he is sooooo lucky to have me 🙂

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Encouragement for the Day:

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11 replies to “#makeovermonday / 7 rules to save money shopping

  1. So I must ask….what are you doing with that other vacuum that I just so happen to love??? Lol if you ever don’t need it I’m next in line!!!
    Great tips and I love target too…that dollar section just calls my name every. Single. Time.

  2. Great tips…. Seriously laughed out loud when you suggested walking up front with your bottles and doing Targets work for them!!!!! I will definitely use some of these tips as I shop this season 🙂

  3. I LOVE online shopping. I always shop for the best deal. My kids will even call me to look for them a deal…and I always look for coupon codes. One of my friends got me into that habit. Does make you feel like superwoman sometimes!!! LOLOL. My best deal this season so far…I ordered Andrew a Christmas present. I liked one color best, but by simply ordering a different color, I saved $30.

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