#slowitdownSunday / Great is Thy Faithfulness

I have a confession to make: I am watching The Voice.


Yes, we are the family that doesn’t really watch TV.

But since being home so much with the baby and being so sick over the past few months, I decided to check out the app HULU. It’s like having a massive DVR for television shows new and old. The shows are there whenever you want to watch them – which I like because I don’t feel like I must watch and be a slave to a TV program. And I’m still super selective about what takes my time – I’m not into the garbage television, really.

I’ve never watched an entire season of The Voice before. So, I’m totally enjoying following along with the singers and their stories. It’s totally different than American Idol.

Ok – enough about why I’m watching TV.

Y’all. There is a guy named Jordan. He has one of the most amazing voices you’ve ever heard and it is probably the most unexpected sound.

Also, I happen to be a fan of Jordan because he attends Lee University – my alma mater.

Jordan’s live performance from a few weeks ago has stuck in my mind. First of all – can we just be sooo thrilled with the fact that someone sang a church hymnal song on national television and the judges went CRAZYYYY for him???

I love his voice. I love his story. I love how Jesus shines through him. And I love that his coach, Adam Levine said, “I want whatever you’ve got!”

Hey Adam – he’s got JESUS!!!!!

Take a few minutes tonight to #slowitdownSunday and be inspired by Jordan singing Great is Thy Faithfulness (and fair warning it might get stuck in your head all week – but that’s totally ok!).

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