challenge: let’s spread some THANKS y’all

It’s Thanksgiving. A day to give thanks.

Have you been specific and intentional yet today?

If not – there are still a few hours left to tell someone that you’re thankful to have them in your life. Right now. Do it. Pick up that phone. Send a message.

Be specific and let those you love know that they are appreciated and that someone is thankful for THEM today.

That’s my challenge to you this Thanksgiving night.

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. -Philippians 1:3

I’m thankful to have my mom and dad living across the street from us. And also thankful that they cooked the most amazing Thanksgiving spread you’ve ever seen. All I had to do was show up. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Y’all. My dad can COOK! And so can my mom.

the daily Starr thanksgiving 1

the daily Starr thanksgiving 2

the daily Starr thanksgiving 3

I’m also thankful that God decided to have a sense of humor and give me a sister that is almost 20 years younger than me. She is truly the JOY of our family.

the daily Starr thanksgiving 6

I love this man with all my heart. And he has super cool glasses.

the daily Starr thanksgiving 7

And the other little man in our family has certainly captured my heart.

the daily Starr thanksgiving 8

And these two crazy girls are what keeps life interesting. For real. I’m thankful for Kayla’s servant heart. I’m thankful that Kylie NEVER GIVES UP. Never. And that she likes to put bows in her hair. Lots of bows.

the daily Starr thanksgiving 5

I’m thankful for in-laws who love us unconditionally and for a sister-in-law who is finally able to eat again!! For those of you familiar with Christy, she had surgery a few weeks ago and can now eat again – it’s been over 6 months! God is GOOD!


We took a few more photos throughout the day (mostly with Brock, ha!).

the daily Starr thanksgiving 5

Also, we have a tradition of playing Bingo with my husband’s family and the gifts are HILARIOUS!~!!

Dex got a bag of “hanky panky” HA!


Daniel got BBQ sauce and toilet paper (he also got scented bath spray later in the game!).


Ronnie was amused by the head massaging tool. Obviously.



And Brock was just cute all day long.

the daily Starr thanksgiving 4

the daily Starr thanksgiving 3

the daily Starr thanksgiving 1

Thanks for the adorable outfit, Aunt Nette!

I saw a friend post a turkey veggie platter earlier today, so I had to do one too for tonight! Thanks for cutting the veggies, mom.

the daily Starr thanksgiving 2

Lastly, I’m thankful for you, friends. No matter how we met, how long we’ve known each other – I’m glad you’re here going through this crazy adventure called life with our family. You’re appreciated and loved more than you’ll ever know.

From our always crazy family – happy Thanksgiving to you.

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Encouragement for the Day:

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