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the daily Starr baby dedication

Today was baby dedication day at church for our little Brock.

Tonight as I sit and reflect on this #slowitdownSunday I want to write a note to my son on your dedication day.

Dear Brock,

Today we did something that we’ve done 3 times now – given a child back to the Lord. It was your dedication day and also a special day for our family to remember someone you never got to meet – Glennie the Great.

the daily Starr glennie the great

She would have been your great grandma (my dad’s mom) – and goodness was she GREAT! 2 years ago today, she left this earth and went to Heaven.

Several things you need to know about her:
1 – she could cook better than your mom will ever be able to.
2 – she could sew and fix ANYTHING.
3 – she loved our family SOO much.

There will never be another Great.

Oh, and she would not have approved that I didn’t put shoes and socks on you today for church and that your feet were hanging out in the cold here for our family photo by the tree. Ooops.

the daily Starr slow it down sunday a note to my son on dedication day 2

Something you should know about what you wore for your special day: the blanket that Papa is holding around you below was made by Great. She actually made it for Cole Culbertson in our church almost 18 years ago. Cole and his mom gave it to us when we found out we were having a boy.

This is the only blue blanket we have from Glennie the Great and it is so very special. It’s almost like she is looking down from Heaven and sending us her love.

the daily Starr slow it down sunday a note to my son on dedication day 1

And your sisters are crazy. See? This is what they do during prayers. Don’t be like them. HA!

Your Papa is our Pastor and he dedicated you today.

He picked out a special passage from Matthew Chapter 4 to share during your dedication. The most important part of what he read was this verse:

20 They immediately left their nets and followed Him.

Brock, I pray that God gives you the courage to always follow Him. I pray that God uses you in amazing ways that we can’t even imagine to impact His Kingdom. I pray that you are a difference maker. I pray that you have the wisdom to make godly decisions. I pray that you take the road less traveled and that you’re never lonely – because Jesus will always be by your side. Long after I’m gone, I pray that you know your heritage. I pray that you follow hard after Jesus. I pray that when you don’t know where to turn, you hear a voice telling you to turn to the left or to the right. I pray that you seek after God and all that He has to offer in life. I pray that you never lose the smile you show me every day. I pray that you continually teach me how to be a better mom. I pray that you act more like your dad everyday 🙂 I pray that you love like Jesus. I pray that I see you in Heaven.

Today we give you back to God and promise to raise you to the best of our ability. To love and honor God with our lives. To put others before ourselves. To serve in the church and make a difference.

We’ll make plenty of mistakes over the years as your parents. Believe me. You’ll learn pretty quickly that our family isn’t perfect by any means. I pray that God gives us lots of grace and mercy to always love each other and cling tight to each other as a family that cannot be broken.

Lord, let our family be extraordinary.

And when I go through the toughest days and longest nights – I want to always remember this face. Lord, help me to remember that the days are long, but the years are so very short.

the daily Starr slow it down sunday a note to my son on dedication day 5

I love you more than any words could express. And tonight as I hold you in my arms, I’m thanking God for making me your mom.

Love Always,

the daily Starr slow it down sunday a note to my son on dedication day 4

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Encouragement for the Day:

the days are long but the years are short

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5 replies to “#slowitdownSunday / to my son on your dedication day

  1. Oh Starr, you make me laugh, cry, think, wonder, and want to be better!!! First, let me tell you I did love Glennie the Great! I wish I could have known her longer and better!!! She always made me laugh – I must tell you this story – don’t know if I ever have or not….when she worked at LES cafeteria we always laughed about the need to drop a few pounds. One day she said, “Dale, when you’re old like me your only worry will be which “roll” to put your bra on!” I have never laughed so hard and I’ll never forget that!!! I can still see that sweet smile standing behind the counter. And-when Scott and I were a young married couple we ate many a meal at the restaurant down on 74. Loved her cornbread and pound cake. You were blessed my dear!!!
    Now – I admire the young mother you are. I can tell you that as you continue to follow Him, He will be faithful. It ain’t always easy but my 22 and 18 year old have continued to follow him. There are some things I wish they would do differently but I know they belong to Him and I have no doubt that the very best thing I did for them was to introduce them to Jesus. He never fails. Sometimes I wish I could go back but my sweet Dad, who is in Heaven laughing with Glennie the Great!!!, taught me not to have regrets – He said, “We do the best we can, at the time, based on what we have and know!” So I’m enjoying this time in my life.
    Enjoy those sweet ones for you are right, the days are long but the years are oh so short.
    Thanks for what you do!
    One of these day we’ll have to meet up for lunch or you could come help me with a Trash Out Tuesday!!!
    Love you sweet friend,

    1. Dale, reading this almost made me cry!! My grandma made that same statement to me about her rolls many times!!! Oh goodness, I miss her so!! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. You have made my day and made me smile. So glad we could connect. And I would totally like to meet you for a Papa Joe’s pizza sometime soon!! Love you!

      1. That would be awesome!!! You pick a date (or two) that would work for you and we’ll make it happen. Be prepared – I’ll probably do a lot of crying as we share together!!!

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