#funfriday / surprise box!

Hacker has bronchitis 🙁

(see yesterday’s post if you don’t know who “hacker” is, ha!)

We ventured to the pediatrician’s office earlier today and she’s just not been herself at all.

the daily Starr fun friday surprise box 8

And so for this #funfriday the Haigler clan is all comfty in our jammies snuggled up in mommy and daddy’s room.

We’re stocked up on all the things one needs for winter sickness season: a nebulizer, tylenol, motrin, vitamin c, Thieves burning in the diffuser, and…

a #funfriday surprise box that a dear friend gave us right before Brock was born!

the daily Starr fun friday surprise box 1

I saved a few of these boxes for nights just like tonight when we don’t feel like doing much of anything.

The girls had fun tearing into the surprise box:

the daily Starr fun friday surprise box 6

the daily Starr fun friday surprise box 5

the daily Starr fun friday surprise box 4

They were sooo excited to find everything we need for a family movie night!

Candy, popcorn and a code for a Redbox rental!!

Side note: Kylie informed us all that the Lifesavers Gummies would surely make her feel better!!! haha

We’re enjoying our night in – it sure is nice to slow down after a crazy busy week.

the daily Starr fun friday surprise box 3

And poor Brock didn’t last through the first 5 minutes of Maya the Bee.

the daily Starr fun friday surprise box 2

He was awake earlier and took a selfie with mom 🙂

the daily Starr fun friday surprise box 7

We’re sportin’ our double chins proudly!!

From our family to yours – happy weekending, friends!

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Encouragement for the Day:

the daily Starr fun friday making time

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6 replies to “#funfriday / surprise box!

  1. Yay for fun Friday! I had a super fun Friday too, my hubby took me out on a date to our favo Mexican place and then we went shopping for Christmas stuff at Walmart….so fun! It was extra special cause we haven’t been out since starting treatment because I haven’t felt great and we really needed that break and just to have fun!!! Love you all and I’m praying extra for kylie tonight:)

  2. Well I just played catch–up on your blog starting with the linen closet, so basically all week. I love, love, love how transparent you are. I so wish I had your blog when my children were small! Still with both of them mostly grown, I can still relate to every post in some way! Thank you for sharing your life with us! For the past few years I have been folding my sheets and putting them inside one of the pillowcases to keep them together but I love the look of how you did yours!

    1. Thank you for your comments, Judy! And thank you for reading! I’m enjoying this crazy adventure called life – so glad to have you along on the ride!!

  3. Starr, little Brock is growing so fast he is so adorable! I love reading your blog! These pics are beautiful ♡love you all!

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