#thirstythursday / when God sends beautiful messy friends to laugh and say, “ME TOO!” – and you feel a little less crazy

Have you had one of those days lately?

You know the kind.

Cue the 3 year old coughing her lungs out at 1am.
Said 3 year old moves her hacking-lung-self to your room at 5:30am.
You determine you shouldn’t be THAT MOM that sends the hacking child to daycare, again.
You leave daddy at home with the hacker at 7am because today is your morning to volunteer at school.
It’s raining cats and dogs and your most favorite umbrella malfunctions and you look like one of those people with really messed up big honkin’ umbrellas that you’ve laughed at before.
You leave favorite red polka dot umbrella in the trash can at school and you want to cry.
You return home in time for multiple meltdowns to ensue throughout the day with hacker.
You don’t have a shower.
You put on lipstick because you look at little less scary.
You snap at your husband on the phone when he laughs about something.
The afternoon car ride proceeds to pick up the oldest kid and get to dance ON TIME for once.
You apologize to husband for snapping.
You grab a leotard for oldest kid that is way too big.
As she gets out of the car to walk into dance, you see the straps falling off her shoulder.
The only remedy is packing tape that you happen to have in the car.
So, you tape the leotard and send her on her merry way – dance and be happy oldest child.


Just as you finish wrapping the packing tape onto the leotard, crazy “ME TOO” friend #1 walks out and says something about you not looking so good….oh, oops. Can you tell????

You laugh and say that you’re about to go CRAZY from hacker that is sitting in the back seat.
You shut the door to chat for a moment and hacker proceeds to yell over and over.
You open the door to ask what she needs??? Hacker says, “I LOVE YOU.”

Crazy “ME TOO” friend #2 walks out and you corner her to ask a question about raising hacker.

Throughout the day you realize that hacker is probably hacking because she keeps her fingers in her mouth 24/7 biting her nails. You start to realize the pattern of sickness in your family and you wonder if the nail biter-turned-hacker is the culprit for the germies that won’t leavie you alone???

Here is what the conversation with my two crazy “ME TOO” friends looked like:

Someone may have referenced a type of medicine for dogs that keeps them from biting things. It’s called bitter something and it is all natural. Maybe you should try that with hacker??

2 of us wore the same clothes 2 days in a row this past week. 1 of us went out to dinner with our husband and realized they were wearing the same shirt they slept in. 🙂

All three of us crazies own and manage small businesses and the joys of having work that never really shuts off at night or at home. We are the lucky ones!!

We’re all severely allergic to mornings and anything that begins before 9am.

1 of you makes their bed everyday because of an OCD husband.
1 of you NEVER makes their bed (umm, that’s me).
And 1 of you made your bed everyday for the past 15 years UNTIL you read my blog this week and decided WHO NEEDS TO MAKE THE BED EVERYDAY????

Because, truly. People who don’t make their beds are happier people.

You laugh until your belly hurts with these two crazy friends who JUST GET YOU. And then your amazing husband sweeps into the parking lot to retrieve hacker and oldest with the packing taped leotard – scoring husband of the year points for sure.

On this #thirstythursday God knew I was thirsty for someone to come along side of me and say it’s OK. And in my hectic, overwhelming day – I realized God sent these beautiful messy people into my path to let me know I’m not alone.

So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

And for just a few moments, you feel a little less crazy. At least for today.

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7 replies to “#thirstythursday / when God sends beautiful messy friends to laugh and say, “ME TOO!” – and you feel a little less crazy

    1. Oh, mom! And we love you. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers this week. Hopeful that next week is much better and less stressful. Thankful for you and all that you do!

  1. Girl, I love you!!! We are feeling a little ( ALOT) crazy lately. I love when God sends us friends to remind us that we are not alone. Side note, never make the bed- just going to climb back in it same day 🙂

    1. HA! So glad to have a fellow non-bed-maker! I’m sure that is why you are a happier person!!! You are one of those crazy friends God sends my way too – and I’m so thankful. Love you!

  2. You always manage to make me smile……my days as a busy mommy to little ones are long over, but I do remember tape saving the day more than once……

    1. Lisa!! Thank you so much. And you made our family smile. The girls absolutely LOVE the ornaments!! And you know that was such a perfect gift for this Christmas loving mom!!

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