#1wordwednesday / 33

He’s 33 today.

He’s my favorite and that is why it’s my #1wordwednesday.

the daily Starr 1 word wednesday 33

We had pizza and cheesecake at church tonight and I can’t believe we actually surprised him!!!

He’s the one God made just for me 33 years ago.

And I’m sooo glad God did.

Every single moment of Brian’s life was orchestrated to make him who he is today.

And I kinda like 33 on him.

33 ways I’m thankful for him – my brain:

1 He loves me no matter what kind of mess I make.
2 He is a hero to our little girls.
3 His little boy likes to toot and smile at us late at night.
4 He likes to eat. We like to eat. A lot 🙂
5 He encourages me when I am at my worst moments.
6 He is the leader of our home.
7 He washes dishes.
8 He washes clothes.
9 He takes Kayla to school at way-t00-early-o-clock in the morning.
10 Kylie has his eyes.
11 Brock has his calm spirit.
12 Kayla has his math skills.
13 We are both the same height.
14 He has turned into a night owl like me.
15 He doesn’t judge when I sleep late.
16 He has amazing time management skills. That haven’t rubbed off on me yet.
17 He can do math in his head. Test him out on this. Human calculator.
18 He grew up in the country and he still lifts his hand over the steering wheel at drivers coming from the opposite direction on country roads.
19 I met him riding four wheelers.
20 He started coming to my church in high school all on his own.
21 He helps anyone he can. Anytime. And he never hesitates to serve.
22 He doesn’t get mad when I’m late for everything. Most of the time.
23 He still opens the door for me, 12 years later.
24 He still brings home flowers.
25 He values getting away with me as much today as he did when we first got married.
26 He makes pretty babies.
27 He changes diapers. This is sexy.
28 His love for his sister is amazing.
29 He is smart with financial decisions – and knows how to tell me no.
30 He questions my thinking when it needs to be challenged.
31 He makes me want to do more for other people.
32 He thinks of everyone else before himself.
33 He loves Jesus.

Happy birthday, Brain. <3

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PS – if you have Verizon and subscribe to text alerts from this blog – the system was down last night.

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Encouragement for the Day:

the daily Starr 1 word wednesday go confidently

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6 replies to “#1wordwednesday / 33

  1. Thank you my Starr! God knew what he was doing when He made you for me. I can’t express the love I have for you. It amazes me! I look forward to many, many more years of us together and celebrating each other every year! I love you.

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