#makeovermonday / 45 minutes – from messy master to romantic retreat!

It’s my man’s birthday this week and I wanted to do something crazy and special for #makeovermonday tonight!

Our family’s DNA doesn’t include a nice tidy, clutter-free home. Nope.

Oh, how I wish it did!!

I laugh because almost every room that I’ve ever cleaned up and featured on this blog has NEVER stayed that way. Yeah, I could continually move from room to room and start all over again. We just live here. Can I get an amen???

BACKGROUND FOR TODAY’S MAKEOVER: Over the weekend we cleaned out our dining room. This was nothing short of a miracle, people. We were SOOO BLESSED by a friend that had been saving an attic full of little boys clothes. She and her hubby brought them to us a few months ago. I am not exaggerating when I say there were 50 BOXES!! 50. They stayed in our dining room because hello, we had a newborn and I couldn’t take boxes up the stairs. Then, I got sick and the boxes just sat and sat.

Our dining room is what you see when you walk in the front door. And that overwhelming our-house-is-so-junky feeling just hit me oh so hard every time I walked in the door. Not to mention that no one has been allowed in our home recently to visit because of the box situation.

This weekend we finally conquered the box situation and when we walked in the door this afternoon it was HEAVENLY I tell you!! I loved that feeling. And Brian did too.

Mind you, the desk/office is still a mess and there are turkey wreath remnants from #funfriday still on the table. That’s all good!! THE BOXES ARE GONE!!!

the daily Starr makeover monday how to make a romantic master bedroom 4

Then Brian said those magical words, “What if our whole house felt like this???”


So, at 8:35pm tonight I got into super-crazy-maniac-cleaning-woman-mode and for the next 45 minutes no one was allowed anywhere near our room. Brian took care of baths for the little girl monsters and kept the little prince entertained.

Here are my 5 steps to go from a messy master to romantic retreat in 45 minutes or less!

In complete Starr fashion – I’m being transparent and REAL y’all. Here is what I started with tonight:

the daily Starr makeover monday how to make a romantic master bedroom 7

the daily Starr makeover monday how to make a romantic master bedroom 6

the daily Starr makeover monday how to make a romantic master bedroom 5

#1 – Get all of the laundry OUT. Clean laundry. Dirty laundry. Whatever.

To the laundry room. To the kids rooms. To the closets. In the drawers. Get. It. All. Out.

#2 – If you have a newborn or kids – get all of the extra toys, blankets, and kid craziness out. Keep the minimums if you have a newborn still in your room like we do. Contain the baby madness.

I still have lots of baby stuff, but it is SOO much better now.

the daily Starr makeover monday how to make a romantic master bedroom 1

#3 – Make your bed. We don’t make our bed everyday. Don’t judge. I read an article recently that people who don’t make their beds have happier lives and happier marriages. So there. Every once in a while is special for us 🙂

the daily Starr makeover monday how to make a romantic master bedroom 2

#4 – Vacuum the floors. There’s something about a freshly vacuumed room with lines on the floor.

And in case you’re wondering and ever need to know how – HA:


#5 – Light a candle, diffuse some oils and add fancy sheer material to your room/bed somehow. You’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island. I promise.

I bought our sheer fabric many years ago at our local fabric salvage shop for DIRT CHEAP! They are so wonderful. I love them the most about our room. They have frayed edges and aren’t perfect in any way. Just like us!

Here is our romantic retreat:

the daily Starr makeover monday how to make a romantic master bedroom 3

I didn’t dust.
I didn’t put everything away in its place.
I crammed my socks and unmentionables into the drawer like a mad woman. Don’t judge.
There are peanut butter filled pretzels hidden under my bed because I like to eat. I said #dontjudge
Brock is laying here against my leg snoozing away and it’s way past time to send this blog. Sorry for the late hour text alert peeps. #youlovemeanyway

Brian does so much for our family and I want to make sure to celebrate him and show him we love him a little more than normal this week <3

I love you, my Brain!!

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10 replies to “#makeovermonday / 45 minutes – from messy master to romantic retreat!

    1. I love you – obviously I don’t clean like a mad woman for ANYONE!!! Bhahaha. I’m so glad you married me and my messy self 😉 you lucky booger you!!!

  1. It looks beautiful friend!! I’m sure he will enjoy all your hard work:)
    P.S. I bought a diffuser and the thieves oil and I’m in love!!! I’m getting a second one for downstairs:) love you and all you do!!

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