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Isn’t that just the hardest thing to do sometimes?

This quote from the Draw the Circle devotional spoke to me tonight:

“When God says no to a prayer, it doesn’t always mean no; sometimes it means not yet. It’s the right request but the wrong time.”

I’ve been there in my life.

There was a time I wanted a particular job SOO bad. It wasn’t God’s timing. That job interview was the biggest disaster you’ve ever seen. I still laugh about how I answered some of the questions. Those people NEVER would have hired me.

Then, a few months down the road – the door opened with the company I’d wanted to work for all along. It was so much better than the job where I bombed my interview. Thank goodness!

The answer wasn’t no to the new job. The answer was not now.

That didn’t make it easier. But, it was a lesson in trusting God and His plan for my life. 

(And how NOT to answer interview questions for the future hahah!)

Today, I’ve got several things I’m anxiously waiting and praying for.

– I’d love to write a book, Lord.
– I’d love to have some sort of business of my own – not sure what kind, but the desire is there.

I’ve wondered often if the answer is just a flat NO.

Maybe His answer is for me to wait a bit longer and learn some valuable lessons in this particular season that He has me in.

And I’m ok with that.

I’ll just continue to #slowitdownSunday and “wait for the gift my Father promised!” (Acts 1:4)

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8 replies to “#slowitdownSunday / when God says not now

  1. Not now is just as hard if not harder than no sometimes! We prayed for over a year for Brian to get a new job- 4 interviews later…., he finally got one. One that was presented to him 2 years earlier that he turned down. Unknowingly one we needed. This one actually fits with our family life. I am so glad that God knew better than us. Some struggles are harder to wait through. Harder to pray through. Thank you for your words and reminders!

  2. Waiting is hard, we live in a culture of instant gratification. God knows what I need much better than I know. I tend to make a mess when I try to get in His way!

  3. Wow! Just wow! I just started a devotional about waiting well, that is not something we as humans are very good at. In my devotion it talks about Hannah, she had the same desire as me, she wanted a child so bad and got angry but wept, but in the end she is an example of waiting well! She rejoiced before she received her desire of a son and that is what my goal is! I want to wait well for God already knows the future and there is no reason for me to try to do his job for him!!

    1. God is just so good!!! I love when He lets us know He’s in control – over and over again. I’m one of those that sometimes needs Him to make it VERY clear ha! Love that story and I will remember that this week – waiting well!!

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