#slowitdownSunday / do you pray for your church?

Can I #slowitdownSunday and tell you for a quick minute about how much I love my church?

God has always drawn my heart to smaller churches. That is what I was raised in. And I’m SOOO very thankful.

For a while in college I attended a mega church and it just wasn’t the same for me. I love getting to know my church family. I love being involved and serving. I love leading worship and the choir. I love Sunday School (yes, we still have that!!).

Church should be a place of worship.
Church should be a refuge from the world.
Church should be a sanctuary of praise.
Church should reflect the love of Jesus.
Church should be where we get filled with the Spirit of God to then go out and let Him overflow into our everyday lives – our homes, our families, our jobs.

That’s what I want for my family. That’s what I NEED for my walk with Christ.

Do you ever pray for your church?

We have choir practice every Wednesday night and we end with prayer time. One of my favorite things that we do is spread out over the sanctuary and cover every seat and space with prayer. We pray for those that will be in those seats on Sunday. We pray for the musicians. We pray for the singers. We pray for the teachers. We pray for our Pastor.

This week I was reminded by our church Prayer leader to spend time on Saturday praying for our service and our congregation.

YES! What if we all spent just 5 minutes seeking God for our churches? What a different place it would be!!

I was challenged by this reminder and inspired. I want to begin this tradition with my family and let it be something they grow into doing. I want my kids to grow up as prayer warriors and to stand in the gap for others.

Your church and your Pastor need your prayers. Don’t just think someone else will do it. God is calling each of us to slow down and linger in His presence. It IS a difference maker.

No matter where you are in your walk with God and what your situation is with church at the moment, this song is a great reminder that God will indeed take us through the fire! (Yeah, the topic kinda has nothing to do with this post – I just LOVE this song…hah!).

We sang this in our choir this morning and it is one of my all time favorites – I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Starr that is one of my favorite songs too. So sorry I missed it. It doesn’t feel right when you miss Sunday school or morning worship and listening to some talk on the radio is not the same. I can’t wait to be back in church this week. Thanks for your dedication to our church you and Brian do a wonderful job.

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