#trashouttuesday / CHALLENGE: give something away and show you care

Do you know what it feels like when someone does something “just because” to show you they care?

I’ve been on that receiving end over the past few weeks and it doesn’t matter how big or small the gesture. Simply knowing that someone took time out of their day to brighten mine has the ability to turn my entire day and attitude around! Really – simple things like:

  • A note card filled with encouragement and a gift card for dinner
  • A delivery of fresh fruit arranged like flowers to our doorstep
  • A friend from church that lives in the neighborhood taking my daughter to school every morning for 2 weeks
  • Beautiful fresh flowers for our counter top in the kitchen
  • A friend that hand delivers batteries to us for all these kids toys
  • A home cooked dinner that happens to be my family’s favorite: spaghetti and meatballs!!

Knowing how these small gestures have left me feeling lately, I’m on a mission to be on the giving side MORE in my life.

#trashouttuesday here on the blog is all about cleaning out the clutter and excess in our home.

And BOY, do we have a lot of clutter and excess!!

This week, I’m getting intentional and pouring into the lives of those around me – using our excess.

Here’s what that looks like for our family:

#1: Give away a mattress. We have an extra queen pillow top mattress in our house that we have no room for. It’s taking up much needed space and keeping me from finishing up our nursery that we will soon need to move the baby into. I’ve avoided this problem for months. Finally, Sunday afternoon I just decided to randomly post on Facebook that we had a free mattress. Who needs it? Holy COW! People came out of the woodwork y’all. I gave it away in like 30 seconds. AWESOME!

#2: Mail a care package to my cousin, his wife and their adopted daughter from China – who just had heart surgery. If you’ve been following along this summer, you might remember my cousin and his wife that adopted a 3 year old little girl from China. She’s been an incredible blessing to our family. “Sweet P” as we call her – had open heart surgery this past week. It was a known medical condition and they were fully prepared for this since getting her from China. That doesn’t make it any easier. The 3 of them are in a hospital in Nashville waiting for Sweet P to get better. It’s a long recovery. They aren’t getting any sleep. I can’t imagine. What can I do? Pray. Yes. But, I also have a house FULL of stuff that 3 year old little girls LOVE and I know that small snacks and such can go a long way for parents too. Yes. I can do that! If you want to follow along with their story, you can read more here: www.joyinthewaiting.com

Here’s Sweet P:

sweet p

#3: A Box of Love for a friend that needs a whole lot of encouragement. We all go through valleys and mountain tops. I have a friend that is going through something I can never understand on this side of heaven. I don’t have the words. I don’t have the answers. I’ve prayed. I’ve cried. I want her to know more than anything that her friends care and love her. I’m gathering items from around the house that will encourage and bring sunshine on her dark days. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Now, here’s the fun part.

I’d like to challenge YOU!

the daily Starr trash out tuesday give something away challenge

Will you join me?

What can you do to encourage someone in your life this week? Don’t sit and think. DO. Right now. Come up with a plan and act.

You may never know how God can use you – and maybe your extra clutter and excess at home – to pour into someone around you and show up with the love of Jesus, without saying a word.

If you’re up for the challenge, I’d love to hear your comments below. Share with us what God is prompting you do to – you may encourage someone else to join in the challenge with us!

Let’s do this, y’all!

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Encouragement for the Day:

the daily Starr trash out tuesday i will carry you

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4 replies to “#trashouttuesday / CHALLENGE: give something away and show you care

  1. What a great verse for today! You inspire me to live life better and more like Jesus than I ever thought possible in today’s society. I am not sure what I will do, but I will find something before this week is over!! Thank you for the challenge. And thank you for being the VERY BEST friend that you are!

  2. Sister Cat Phillips will turn 90 on Thursday. She hasn’t been able to be in church for a while. I need to think of something to let her know she is loved. Thank you for helping us be intentional!

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