#makeovermonday / closet PURGE time

This might not be the most exciting or most glamorous  #makeovermonday ever, but something that has been WAY overdue in our house!

Closet purge time.

Ugh….double ugh.

Anyone despise cleaning out closets and clothes as much as me??? And goodness, now we have one more human being with clothes….gosh!!

I should have taken plenty of before photos for you, but I didn’t. Sorry.

Closet Purge Lesson #1: GET HELP

I’ve decided that the girls will help with whatever we’re doing, no matter how imperfect their folding skills might be! I’ll take ANY help I can get at this point!! Although, Brian has threatened to call in the show “Hoarders” or a local staging/organization expert. Geez.

the daily Starr makeover monday closet purge 8

Closet Purge Lesson #2: Sort and Share

We have bins to send to the attic and bins to send to friends with kids. We’ve been so blessed with clothes that are passed down to our girls – so we pass them along and they come back with more, ha! Believe it or not, we’ve been spoiled. I don’t spend money on clothes for our kids!!

the daily Starr makeover monday closet purge 5

Closet Purge Lesson #3: Donate

We have too much. Even when passing items along, there are things that I’m sending to charity.

the daily Starr makeover monday closet purge 6

Anyone else have lots and lots of hangers…??? And they always end up in a big huge mess like this. It drives Brian CRAZZY!!! Ha. Not me.

Closet Purge Lesson #4: Double your closet space in kid’s closets by adding another row.

Our closets came with one little white wire shelf at the top. We went to Lowe’s and added another white shelf halfway down. This has been such a space saver and gives us much more room.

the daily Starr makeover monday closet purge 1

Closet Purge Lesson #5: Add a white bar to your wire shelves. You will thank me. Promise.

If you’ve ever tried to hang clothes on those plain white wire shelves, you know you can’t move them far. They get stuck in between the sections and they get so stinkin’ aggravating!!

Add a white bar (you can find this in the closet organization section of your home improvement store). They have all of the tools you need to attach this bar to your white wire shelf and it is SOOO MUCH BETTER!

the daily Starr makeover monday closet purge 4

Closet Purge Lesson #6: Use bins in the bottom of the closet to sort shoes.

We had some old Dora bins that have been passed down and they are perfect for Kayla’s shoes.

the daily Starr makeover monday closet purge 3

Closet Purge Lesson #7: Sorting is fun, but sitting with this kid is funner.

the daily Starr makeover monday closet purge 7

What secrets do you have for closet sorting and purging? I’d love to hear your ideas!!

And wouldn’t you know that I open Pinterest and here’s the pin they picked for me to see today:

the daily Starr makeover monday closet purge


Happy Monday, friends 🙂

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