#trashouttuesday / BEST OF the daily Starr – our bathroom clutter

Hi, wonderful friends!

Y’all have been the best ever at reaching out and taking care of me and my family the past few days.


Mom, Dad and Joy have held Brock in the evenings (a super hard job that I had to BEGGG them to do..yeah right!).

Sweet Linda dropped off dinner for our family.

Melissa and Karen have been on call nurses 24/7 since Sunday.

My husband. There are no words. Superman. Superdad. Supereverything. He did laundry. He washed dishes. He carted kids all over the county for daycare, dance and whatever else. He wins husband of the year. Indeed.


I’m extremely thankful for all of the messages and prayers. I’ve never been this sick before and I’m actually headed to an EENT specialist later this week to try and get some answers.

If you’ve ever had a throat that closed up overnight and the most awful throat pain you can imagine for days on end, I CAN RELATE!!! This. Is. No. Joke.

Every test has come back negative for viruses and flu and strep and such. I’m praying this will pass quickly and I’m truly resting. Believe it or not 😉

For today’s #trashouttuesday I’m sharing the 2nd most viewed post on this blog in 2015 so far:

trash out tuesday the daily Starr best of

If you have bathroom clutter, you are so not alone. I wrote a post about our clutter and we’ve actually been doing better!! I’ll admit that I’ve slacked a bit since having the baby, but fully intend to keep our system of bins and organization.

>> You can read the full bathroom clutter post here <<

The blog giveaways will return as soon as I can function normal again, friends. And I plan to continue them way past October 31 🙂

PS – I’ve got a handful of giveaway prizes that rode around in my car this past week – so please know there’s a bit of a delay for mailing some of those out. Please forgive me and thank you for your patience. Thus, I’m waiting to pick back up on the giveaways until I can actually manage those.

Love you!

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7 replies to “#trashouttuesday / BEST OF the daily Starr – our bathroom clutter

  1. So glad you are feeling better, but hopefully the Dr. can give you some answers. Sounds like you have a wonderful support system around you and your family.

  2. Wish I could be there to help with that “horrible” job of having to hold Brock. LOLOL. Glad you are feeling some better. Take care of yourself!!! Love you!!

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