31 Days of Giveaways / #thirstythursday – a devotional for Sisters in Faith

Hello, friends and welcome to #thirstythursday on the blog!

Is your soul thirsty?

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[photo from “God’s Wisdom for Sisters in Faith” devotional book]

Yes, we live in a dry and thirsty land. Our souls long for our Maker, our Creator, the only one that can satisfy the very deepest longing of our souls.

I don’t know about you, but I need a little more of God’s wisdom with every day that goes by.

It doesn’t work for me to just cram in a lot at one time and hope that it ties me over until next time. No, time with Jesus for my soul is like the manna that fell in the Old Testament for the Israelites. They could only gather enough for THAT DAY. Anything more would spoil.

It was always there, available to them the next morning.

That was a lesson in trust. Trusting a God they couldn’t see out in the middle of the wilderness to provide what they needed.

Most of us still struggle with that simple trust today. I know I do. Geez. I struggle with trusting God to be a mom. How many days do I look at my husband in utter frustration and spew out the words, “I just can’t do this!!”??

How many times do I try to take over and do it all when I know good and well I should let go??? Sometimes I think God lets a little bit of spoil happen to remind me that I’m not running the show.

This excerpt from the devotional “God’s Wisdom for Sisters in Faith” gives us another example of a thirsty soul:

“David, the shepherd boy who became king of Israel, had a vibrant relationship with God, and this verse (Psalm 63:1 in the photo above) gives us a glimpse as to why. In the ups and downs and twists and turns of his life, he had one constant – prayer. But it wasn’t out of mechanical obligation. It stemmed from a deep understanding that he needed God. His flesh longed for God; his very soul thirsted for him. He couldn’t wait to seek him out; he couldn’t afford to wait. David sought the Lord first thing so that all else could be ordered aright; he sought him as a way of life.

We might be inclined to run to God in times of trouble, when we feel weak and vulnerable. But we cultivate a strong relationship only when we recognize our constant need of him.”

YES! This reminds me that prayer is like my manna from heaven. I have a CONSTANT daily need for a relationship with God. Of course, that’s always easy to realize in times of struggle and urgent needs.

But, what about those other times where I’m just floating along, getting by, going through the motions – washing bottles, doing laundry, picking up kids, cramming in homework, dinner and rushing to get baths done? What about then??

Like David, I want to have one constant – prayer.
I want to seek God as a way of life.

I want my kids to grow up telling their children about how grandma prayed.
I want to be Ms. Clara in her War Room crying out to God with all that I have within me.
I want others to know me by my relationship with Him.
I want HIM to shine so bright through me.
I want it all to be because of my daily thirst quenching filling of His Spirit.

God, my soul is so thirsty for You. Mold me, fill me, use me. Guide my feet and my words and my thoughts. Change me from the inside out  – daily. Don’t let me try to get by on yesterday’s filling – let me make You my priority above all else.

How about you, friend?

Are you a thirsty soul too?

For today’s giveaway I have 2 copies of the “God’s Wisdom for Sisters in Faith” devotional book!

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To enter today’s giveaway – simply comment below and tell us one thing you’re thirsty for from God.

2 Winners will be selected to each receive a devotional book.

All entries should be made by 11:59pm – on the day of this post – Thursday, Oct. 8.
The winners will be selected and announced in tomorrow’s post (and also contacted via email).

There’s no limit to how many items you can win this month – if you like the giveaway, enter via the comments! Simple and easy 🙂

The winner of yesterday’s Encourage giveaway is: Linda Brown!

Goodness, y’all – there were soo many great entries yesterday – thank you! I have another one of these yellow frames so I’ll have to bring that back next Wednesday with a different print for another giveaway 🙂


Congratulations, Linda – you’ll receive an email with all of the details.

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34 replies to “31 Days of Giveaways / #thirstythursday – a devotional for Sisters in Faith

  1. I agree this was a great devotional. I am thirsty for prayer. I always feel my prayers aren’t enough and that I don’t have the right words to pray. So sometimes I just sit quietly.

    1. Sometimes we just have to stand. Just be still and know that He is God. And in those moments when we have no words, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us. I’m so thankful for that. And I think we all tend to get tripped up on knowing exactly what to say. God doesn’t care – He just wants to hear from us. I am thirsty for this in my life too, friend!

  2. This devotion was right on time. It was as if you looked at my heart and saw just how I’ve been feeling! You were right on point today for me! I want that book! Pick me!😁

    1. Thank you, DeeDee! I’ve been asking God to lead me in writing exactly what someone needs to hear (even if that someone is myself!!). Thank you for your encouragement and I’m thankful for you!

  3. Doing a Angela Thomas Bible Study at church and this goes right along with our lesson from last night. I need to grow stronger in my walk with God and through constant prayer and time spent in His word can I grow. Thanks for your daily encouragement.

    1. You’re so welcome, Joyce! I haven’t done any studies by her. I will have to check those out. Let me know which one you’re doing and how you like it!

  4. This is so me. Since I saw war room, I want a prayer life and close relationship with God like Ms Clara had. It is easy to call on God during our troubles but we need Him 24/7. Thank you for your blog😇

    1. Hi Cathy!! So wonderful to hear from you! You’re welcome and thank YOU for reading! I’m right there with you. I’m on a mission to create my own war room and to live a life of constant prayer like Ms Clara!

  5. Oh I do thirst for God! I seem to always get to a time where I am complacent and going through the motions. I feel like He is far away, and then I realize – of course it feels that way! I’m the one that went away, not Him! I’m working at really disciplining myself to have that time with Him each day.

    1. I think we all get to those places of complacency at times. And yes, it is sooo easy to be there. It is hard work and nothing that comes easy, at all. I will pray for strength for you and the rest of our little community hear to make those moments happen every single day!

  6. I thirst for the guidance to trust and let go. To know He is driving and I CAN fulfill His plans, that I am capable of sharing my faith openly and that I let any doubts fuel my curiosity for what He has in store.

  7. I’m with Lindsay. I am thirsty for the faith to LET GO!!! I have a bad habit of taking back the controls after I have given them to HIM, and I’m not good at driving!!!

  8. Oh I am in need of a devotional! I thirst for a closer walk with Christ! Thank you for your blog!

  9. I am thirsty for blind faith. I am definitely more like the Israelites, I have a hard time trusting God for my needs. God constantly uses this story to remind me he will take care of me. He will supply my every need big and small. I just have to trust Him. I don’t have to see it, just to believe it! Pray for it. Know that it will be so. That I am worthy of his love and his blessings big and small.

    Thank you for writing! I am so blessed by your friendship and love getting your text every day!

    1. Oh and I am blessed by you more than you know, Melissa! I’m afraid I have so many of those qualities that I share with the Israelites. Complaining, trusting, etc. It’s all part of our human nature and it takes work to go against what is normal. God is calling us to a deeper place of trust – just like Joseph. We can do this, girl!

  10. Thanks for reminding me that we need daily filling so graphically with the example of the manna.

  11. I am thirsty to know Him more. Thank you Starr for continuing this blog. I look forward to it and if I miss a day, I don’t dare delete it until I’ve read it.

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! You’ve been around here reading for a long time and I’m so very thankful. I appreciate you helping me grow in my writing and encouraging me in this little adventure!!

  12. Oh, War Room was such a good movie! I agree, I want to be so passionate in my relationship with Jesus that my prayer life is intense like Ms Clara’s.

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