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That’s my word of focus today for #1wordwednesday.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 says this:
So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.

I can honestly say that anytime random encouragement comes my way, it has the potential to instantly turn my day around. Can anyone else agree?


That’s what friends do – ENCOURAGE. And the Bible reminds us to keep doing it. Keep building each other up.

Today, I want to help you ENCOURAGE someone in your life.

This little yellow framed artwork will be like sunshine in a box coming your way. Then, you have the power to give it away. This giveaway not only comes with encouragement for you to share, but a little surprise from me to you as well 🙂


Do you have that one friend that deserves to be reminded that God made them beautiful?

The framed artwork says: truly God has made all things beautiful in His time.


To enter today’s giveaway – simply comment below and tell me which friend you would encourage with this gift and why.

All entries should be made by 11:59pm – on the day of this post – Wednesday, Oct. 7.
The winner will be selected and announced in tomorrow’s post (and also contacted via email).

There’s no limit to how many items you can win this month – if you like the giveaway, enter via the comments! Simple and easy 🙂

The winners of yesterday’s Home Decor giveaway are:

#1: Christy Senior
#2: Tabitha
#3: Warrior Hippie
#4: Tabitha
#5: Mary Helen

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Congratulations, ladies – you’ll each receive an email with all of the details.

What’s your 1 word for today, friend?

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Encouragement for the Day:

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23 replies to “31 Days of Giveaways / #1wordwednesday ENCOURAGE

  1. Well you have encouraged me today. I need to be reminded of that. I also can encourage a friend at work. Jennifer and a friend Terry who has been going through a hard time.

  2. I want to encourage my friend Brenda, whose husband has made some bad decisions. I, too, need those words of encouragement . Thanks for the reminder!

    1. You’re welcome, Mary Helen. And such a small world we live in! Glad to know you’re from one of my favorite places in Tennessee!

  3. I love this! I will send this to my cousin in KY. Her mother passed away almost a year ago and she has really been struggling.

    Judy A.

  4. My cousin is my best friend, and we often encourage one another. Just yesterday we had lunch and spent some time together, and I think we both needed the company. I also bought a half dozen chocolate chip cookies for us to share, and just that small gesture seemed to brighten her day. It’s funny how great even the small things make us feel.

    Also – I’m excited to have won yesterday. Thanks so much!

  5. my sister who is fighting a battle against anxiety…with hope and courage, but exhaustion sometimes. She lives 5 hours from me and often I just wish she was next door so we could sit on the porch together and encourage each other, possibly without saying a word.

    1. That’s so true. Sometimes encouragement can come without words. A hug, a smile, just being there – there are so many ways! Thanks for commenting, Sheila!

  6. Hi, Starr! So glad I stumbled upon your blog today. I love encouraging folks, and absolutely agree with the print you’re giving away… God does make all things beautiful in His time! He’s surely done that in my life time and time again.
    If I were to win the giveaway, I’d give the print to my mom. She has struggled this past year or so and needs to be reminded that God is in the job of making the ashes of our life beautiful!
    Looking forward to checking out your blog more during the 31 day series and beyond.

    1. Nice to meet you, Denise! Thanks for stopping by and I love that you’d share with your mom. Beautiful reminder of beauty from ashes <3

  7. I love this little print!! Would love to put it in my office and share with all who enter! (Plus it would match perfectly).

  8. Ok so everyday I say I’m not going to enter and it’s too good!! I just have to throw in my two cents. I would give this to my friend Janet who is such an encourager to me. Out pastor gave out a challenge two weeks ago…. Encourage someone 59 times this month. There is a lot of encouraging going on around FBC Wadesboro! Thanks for encouraging me daily!

    1. Ahhhh Dale – so you go to church with Mrs. McLaurin??? She was my Kindergarten teacher and still to this day encourages me soooo very much. I just love her. Please tell her hello and give her a big hug from Starr 🙂 And I totally love that you comment – please keep doing that!! These comments encourage ME! And I love the challenge from your Pastor – keep it up!!

  9. My friend Julia who is my prayer partner always. She is a very humble lady and is such an awesome person.

  10. I love to encourage people. God has blessed me with a wonderful job that I can do this daily. I would give this to my daughter Melissa to remind her what a blessing she is and that everything in her life will work out. God is in control.

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