#shareitsaturday / create a family “fall to-do list”

I was inspired by a post on Instagram earlier this week:

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I love the idea of a fall to do list for our family! The best part is that it isn’t tied to a certain month – ’cause we all know that it is very unlikely I’d be able to accomplish THAT much stuff within a month.

The idea of having an entire season with a few family goals appeals to me, so here we go!

For today’s #shareitsaturday here is our Haigler Family Fall To-do List:

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Some of the items are repeats for our family – like the pumpkin farm. That’s a yearly tradition that we have around here. I’ll likely continue that ’til all our kids are gone – and maybe even longer. I can totally see Brian and I in the pumpkin patch when we’re 80+ looking for JUST the right pumpkin!

We’ve also done the zipline date night before – can I just say….SOOO MUCH FUN!!!

Then, there are a few items we’ve never tried – like a family picnic (using our picnic basket that we’ve had for 10 years!!), or baking apples, or the scavenger hunt….or CANADA!!! Yes. We’ve been trying to make this trip happen to Niagara Falls for over a year. As long as Brock’s passport arrives on time, we’ll be heading on our annual family crazy road trip up north this fall!

I’m excited to see what this fall brings!

How about you? Have you ever created a seasonal to-do list for your family? Why not start now?

Do it! And let me know what you put on your list!

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Encouragement for the Day:

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