#slowitdownSunday / let’s just be REAL for a hot minute – I’m no supermom!

I’ve heard these words more than once over the past 2 weeks: “Wow – you’re a supermom!”

Come on, people! Let’s spend a few minutes just being REAL tonight, shall we??

Yes, I showed up for church the Sunday after giving birth.

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday I'm no supermom being real 1

Yes, I went to the pool and sat in a chair while Brian entertained our oldest kids last week.

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday I'm no supermom being real 2

Yes, I get out and about with hair and makeup on, usually only after sleeping til noon and taking 1.5 hours to get ready!

Yes, I still managed to blog everyday after giving birth – just because I REALLY want to make it 1 year without missing a day of writing…writing SOMETHING!

What you don’t see in the REAL life of the Haiglers???

The only real home cooked food that my family has had for the past 2 weeks came from dear friends who dropped off meals at our house. My stovetop currently has Krispy Kreme doughnuts and boxed cereal sitting on top…

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday i'm no supermom being real 7

My laundry room looks like this:

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday I'm no supermom being real 3

A friend stopped by to visit today and my girls argued and fussed the ENTIRE time she was here – and totally acted rude and obnoxious. Yep. The. Whole. Time.

We hate washing dishes. And bottles. We wait until they pile up like this by the sink and we HAVE to wash one when needed:

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday I'm no supermom being real 4

We just emptied a diaper genie pale that may or may not have had diapers from a few years ago in the bottom. Ooops. And fruit flies obviously like that kind of environment.

I have tummy issues. Bad-after-baby-poopie-gets-totally-messed-up-kinda-issues. And one night this week I just laid in the floor crying cause I couldn’t sit down. Nice. (maybe TMI, sorry!!)

Our baby room never got completed and cleaned out prior to actually having said baby. I’m totally okay with the fact that it looks like THIS at the moment:

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday I'm no supermom being real 5

Waiiit – can you even tell that is a baby room?? Yes. That is a mattress in the middle of the floor. With clothes and baby stuff piled high on top and around it. Yes. For real. I see a makeover Monday in the future!!! Haha

Oh, and this man right here does WAYYY more than anyone would ever believe. I couldn’t do this life without him. Honest. I would never have this blog either if I didn’t have him.

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday I'm no supermom being real 6

Okay. I think you get the point.

The last thing I qualify to be is a “supermom”.

One thing we have to ALL remember is this: NO ONE CAN DO IT ALL!!!

No one.

Yeah, sure. The appearance may seem as if that girl or that mom has it ALL together. I can absolutely PROMISE you that she doesn’t.

The fact is, we have to choose what we can do and not worry about the rest.

Yes, I love to be on the go and still do things with my family as much as possible. I’ll choose heading out for a ridiculously spontaneous fun Friday in a heartbeat – and not think a THING about the piles of laundry or dishes at home.

That kind of stuff just doesn’t bother me.

So, when you see the craziness that makes up our little life here on this blog – know that the background is all kinds of messy and chaotic at times. We love it. I wouldn’t trade it for the perfectly clean and organized home EVER.

And I know that God made me just as I am.

He doesn’t want me to pretend to do it all.
He doesn’t get frustrated at my attempts and failures.
He doesn’t mind that my house is a total wreck.

He looks at my heart.

And He wants me to spend time with Him – more than anything in this crazy world.

Every day I have a choice to do just that.

And believe me, there are days that go by where I miss the mark on this too, friends.

Life gets hard and tired and before we know it, we’re laying in bed thinking about how the ENTIRE day went by without Him. Again.

But those days where we do stop and slow down? He changes us. Moment by moment.

He shapes us.
He molds us.
He refills us.

And that is why I will continue to #slowitdownSunday and every other day of the week….

Not with a goal to be a supermom, but to just be Starr.

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13 replies to “#slowitdownSunday / let’s just be REAL for a hot minute – I’m no supermom!

  1. You’re absolutely right Starr, no one is a supermom even though we would love to be, but we are not and I can tell you when your babies are all grown and leave the nest those things still won’t get done!! Spend every minute you can with your family and enjoy life and I love reading your blogs they make me want to get things organized in my house that I haven’t been able to do with taking care of my parents, but it’s one day at a time with me too , if it gets done good if not oh well!! I’m trying to keep 2 households going and its rough at times and dealing with there needs, thank God I have a wonderful husband like you do that helps a lot! Keep your smile on..I’ve had a awful week and you make me smile when I read your blogs😀 great work !

    1. Thank you so much for your comments Shenell! Glad that I could make you smile – just come on over and we’ll give you plenty to laugh and smile about here in our craziness! Praying for your parents and you all as you take care of them!

      1. Thank you Starr for being who you are , thanks for the prayers this has been one of the worst weeks since they been here and some hard decisions have to be made then I click on your page and it never fails I smile…I know what it’s like to have 3 small children , our house was always crazy but wouldn’t trade a second of it ..keep on being real ….

  2. As someone all too quick to compare myself to other Mom’s. And also one to commiserate over my imperfections, I am one that needs to be reminded that God made me just the way I am. I feel much better after reading. Thanks for being real, STARR!

  3. I LOVE the REAL Starr. She is one of my best friends. Messy house, dirty dishes and laundry, girls fighting and toddler pitching a fit. This life. I applaud what you do get done. You are super mom, don’t sell your self short. You have a wonderful husband handpicked by God to help you. He is not getting enough credit… go Brian! You two rock! Love your whole family. Thanks for writing and being real! Can’t wait to see our make over Monday of the baby room!

    1. Ahhhh and I love you, Melissa! Just don’t expect to see that baby room makeover any time soon hahah! That one will be a BIG project to undertake 🙂

  4. As long as your house is clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy. No child has ever died because of a messy laundry room. Your children are little for such a short time.

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