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There is this incredible website: www.urbanfonts.com

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You should go there. Now.

Don’t ever pay to buy fonts online. Ever.

This site is ridiculous. And maybe the only people to get excited about things like this are nerdy communications people like myself đŸ™‚

There are 2 ways to use the site:

1) Download the fonts you like directly to your computer and use like you would any other font.

2) Click directly on any font you like and then go to the box that says “type your text here” and it will bring up a sample of what the font will look like. If you’re just looking for a cool header or something simple and don’t feel like downloading the entire font to your computer, just do this and then right click on top of the sample font that you typed in (right click on any size you like). Then choose to save the image and it allows you to save it as a jpg. Note: You can only do black and white, so this option is limited. If you were to download the font, you can then change the colors, etc.

the daily Starr urban fonts free fonts online share it saturday

Now, go and be font HAPPY!!!

You’re welcome. That’s it for today’s #shareitsaturday post!

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