#trashouttuesday / August Experiment Week 4: Just BE

We’ve been joining together for a little experiment on #trashouttuesday during the entire month of August: spend the month focused on trashing out SELF and thinking more of OTHERS!

This book inspired me to try small things in my life that God can use to encourage others and myself along the way. It’s called Twirl by Patsy Clairmont. If you missed the explanation, >you can read more about the book and the Week 1 Challenge here.<

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the daily Starr trash out tuesday august experiment on others twirl by patsy clairmont

Week 4 Challenge: Just BE

“Those of us who are tired tight, who run hard and do much, tend to have trouble believing “stillness” is sacred work. We value tangible results. We are into sweat equity. We believe if we are working you should be too – that is, if you are worth your weight in coffee beans, which we count by the vat. And certainly we prove our belief in busy by our extensive to-do lists and our relentless productivity.” [Twirl, pgs. 127-128]

Be still, and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

Are there any places you might edit in your busy spaces to make room for God to press “be still” inside of you? [Twirl, pg 130]

If we are running a schedule in our lives that is so jammed packed, we aren’t just hurting ourselves. We’re hurting our families, our friends and ultimately our relationship with God.

He doesn’t intend for us to operate like that. He challenges us to “BE STILL.”

Do we listen to His instructions? Or just think about how that would be nice to do…one day.

Here’s what I’m doing for this week’s challenge: I struggle with being still more than anything. I always have something that I’m trying to get accomplished – either with work or home or family or church. I don’t typically spend “down time” to rest and be. God is speaking directly to me tonight to stop and rest in Him. I’m sitting in a hospital – exhausted physically and hurting emotionally. Our baby has been in the special care unit since last night because his blood sugar levels aren’t controlled. I’m a mess. I’m setting aside all of the items I brought with me to accomplish in my spare time here (because yes, I did bring stuff and work to do…) and I’m going to rest.

When I get home later this week, I’m not going to stress about what didn’t get done before I left. I’m going to start each day asking God – “Would you help me get done what You would have me do today and no more? Would you help me to be still in Your presence and not neglect that time to be filled with Your presence?”

If there’s no peace in our pace, we’re not in Christ’s race; we are running one of our own. – Patsy Clairmont

Here are several other ideas where we can be more intentional in our stillness:

  • Cut back on TV and internet time
  • Cut back on extra curricular activities
  • Say no to invites for events where we feel obligated to attend
  • Scale back on the need to be perfect in our homes – it is ok to rest

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Encouragement for the Day:

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10 replies to “#trashouttuesday / August Experiment Week 4: Just BE

  1. Just rest. It will still be there when you get to it, or someone else will handle it, or it can just be left undone.

  2. Rest in peace & quiet. Everyone is praying for you, Brock & Brian. Just know that you are in God’s plan and He is cradling you in his arms as surely as you are or will be cradling Brock. Close your eyes and visualize this, your heart, body & soul will feel the effects.

    1. Thank you so much, Sue! We so appreciate the prayers and he is already doing better! Just got released out of the special care unit and he’s back with us. Thankful!!

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