#slowitdownSunday / God, help me dream – give me VISION beyond my resources

This morning at church our Pastor spoke about having a vision. He talked a lot about having a vision for our church, but touched on having a vision for our personal lives as well.

Almost 1 year ago, I picked up a book and devotional that literally changed my life.

If you’ve never read the Circle Maker or the Draw the Circle 40 Day Prayer Devotional, then go. Now.

There’s probably not any 2 books I’d recommend more for anyone besides the Bible.

As I sat down tonight for a few intentional moments to #slowitdownSunday, my mind thought back to having a vision. Mark Batterson talks a lot about vision as well in both of these books.

I flipped open the pages of Draw the Circle (totally random to see where it would land because, yes – I do this…) – and here is the page it landed on with my own writing in red:

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday God help me dream 1

Dream. Vision.

It’s all there. This was my prayer last August.

Did I think I would write a blog everyday for 1 year starting last Oct 1? NOPE.

Did I think I would be sitting here tonight reflecting the night before having a little boy? NOPE.

Did I think God would move people in and out of our lives and work in our family business like He has this year? NOPE.

What was my vision if it didn’t include any of these????

My vision was to influence those around me.
My vision was for my family to grow (not necessarily literally, but God has a sense of humor!).
My vision was for God to do something extraordinary through us and our business.

Random side note: I started my own personal 40 Day prayer journey to get deeper with God…get this…wait for it…

August 24, 2014.

That’s one year ago tomorrow.

God has a plan.
God gives dreams.
God births visions inside of us.
We can’t always see those dreams or visions clearly.
We don’t always know all the details.

But, God. Oh, God. He’s so awesome. He’s so into you. He’s got you in the very palm of His hand.

He just wants us to rely on Him. Fully.

“The problem is that most of us want the twenty-five-year plan before we’re willing to step out in faith. We want to know exactly where we’re going and exactly when we’ll get there, but God doesn’t operate that way. He gives us just enough revelation, just enough grace, just enough strength. Why? So we will live in daily dependence on Him. He doesn’t want us to rely on the revelation; He wants us to rely on Him.” – Draw the Circle, pg 113 by Mark Batterson

Tonight, I pray that God gives us JUST ENOUGH of a dream, JUST ENOUGH of a vision to move forward in our lives. I pray that we can’t take a step without Him. I pray that we all see Him show up every single day in our everyday lives – in the big and small ways. I pray that when we look back 1 year from today, we see proof that His hand was moving in every single circumstance that comes our way.

I sign off tonight from our crazy family of 4, going on 5 in a few short hours.

Here’s the normal pretty pose:

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday God help me dream 4

AND the REAL Haiglers that you get to see behind the scenes:

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday God help me dream 3

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday God help me dream 2

Thank you for being part of our lives…we love you all so very much! <3

Starr signature

Encouragement for the Day:

the daily Starr encouragement for the day slow it down Sunday I sing for the Lord

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7 replies to “#slowitdownSunday / God, help me dream – give me VISION beyond my resources

  1. Starr, I want you to know that I am praying for you and Brian and the girls as you all welcome your new addition tomorrow. He is a very blessed little boy indeed. I pray you have the best experience possible. I am so glad that you started this blog and I count you as a blessing in my life every day. Godspeed my Sister in Christ.

  2. I sometimes read your blog late but oh how God uses it. I have a dream and right now everything is coming against it but I know it is the right way to go. Thank you for the MOST encouraging words I could read today. We love you too.

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