#1wordwednesday / ask


Do you ever ask anyone for help?
Do you ever ask a friend to help you pray?
Do you ever ask God for guidance and wisdom?

I heard a story on KLOVE radio this morning where a man told about how his car had broken down beyond repair. Thankfully, a friend showed up with a car he could borrow for a few weeks to get back and forth to work until he could afford another car. The time came and he still didn’t have enough money to get a car, so he went to his boss at work and ASKED for help. He asked his boss to consider a loan to help pay for his car.

The boss wanted to know how much he needed. The man only wanted to spend enough to get a car to make it back and forth to work – $500 or maybe $1000. The boss told him he might need to increase that a bit so that he could get a reliable car to take care of him for a while. The boss helped him find a car around $2600 and wrote the check to help him with the purchase.

When the man went in to chat with the boss about the loan repayment terms, the boss simply let him know that there were no terms. That was a bonus! His car was paid in full!!

That’s not my favorite part of the story.

The radio DJs went on to talk about how important it was for the man to ASK for help. What if he had never gone to his boss because of his pride? What if he didn’t want to burden anyone with his problems?

They said this: God is constantly placing people around you every single day that are equipped to help. But, if we don’t ask – they don’t know we need the help.

They challenged listeners to not be afraid to speak up and ASK. Yeah, it might not be the person you’re asking that is supposed to help you. They may know someone else.

And this applies to prayer, friends.

Our choir meets every Wednesday night for practice at church and we end our evening with prayer requests. I thought this afternoon about some of the requests that we’ve been praying for and how awesome it is to see God moving in the lives of our choir members and their families.

But, what about those that have been too afraid to ask us to help pray?

I challenged our choir tonight to speak up. Let us know how to pray. We are a little choir family. We love and support each other – way past singing songs in church together.

We gathered in a circle tonight and surrounded each other in prayer for the requests that we brought to God.

I wish you could have been here with us.

These moments are moments that I know we are created for. To help each other. To serve each other. To encourage each other. To lift each other up. To help carry the burdens.

And none of it happens if we don’t speak up and ASK.

the daily Starr 1 word wednesday ask

That’s the #1wordwednesday that God has laid on my heart today. And now I’d like to ask you: how can I pray for you this week?

Speak up. I want to hear from you. Comment below, respond to my text/email, put a comment on Facebook. I’m listening and I’m praying.

Thank you for being part of my journey!!

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