#slowitdownSunday / finding purpose when you feel betrayed

Have you felt betrayed lately?

Maybe by a close friend.
Maybe by a loved one.
Maybe by a complete stranger.
Maybe by someone so close that you never thought they would disappoint you in a million years.

But, it happened.

And you were hurt.

I’ve been there myself lately, friend.

Real Life Confession: I’ve had a personal relationship with a friend recently that was changed in an instant by a decision that friend made to move on and out of my life. I didn’t agree with how the decision came about. I didn’t like how the decision impacted my family. I didn’t agree with the timing. I felt so stinkin’ betrayed. And I wanted to sit and have a pity party, honestly. Victim. I felt like a victim to their success. And the last thing I wanted was to be happy and move on. That stinks.

Have you been there too?

Have you ever thought about how God is using that very betrayal in His plan for your life? Yes. God has a plan for YOU. And He is in control of every moment, every conversation, every circumstance – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Our Sunday School class started a new study this morning on the life of Joseph. Today’s topic was Overcoming Betrayal – how God used the awful betrayal of Joseph’s brothers when they abandoned and sold him into slavery – to actually put Joseph on his way to Egypt. This was ultimately God’s plan to SAVE Joseph’s entire family from famine and starvation years later.

Would Joseph end up in his place of power in Egypt if God had not allowed the betrayal of Joseph’s brothers so many years before?

Not likely.

God had a plan. God was in control. God used Joseph’s betrayal.

And it was no different with Jesus. He lived through the ultimate betrayal. He came to earth and was killed on a cross for no reason at all. No reason but to save me and you.

Again, God had a plan. God was in control. God used the betrayal of Jesus Christ.

And it is no different with me and you. As for my recent situation with the close friend, I’m seeing that God moves people in and out of my life for a reason. The good Lord knows down deep inside I’m a people-pleaser and fixer upper and that if it is left up to me, I would do all I could to keep everyone around me happy. Sometimes He uses circumstances beyond my control to take care of my desire to fix everything.

Again, God has a plan. God is in control. God is using what I view as betrayal to take me into a new season of life.

the daily Starr slow it down Sunday overcoming betrayal

It may be years before I see why God chose to allow this in my life. And that is a lesson in trust for me – trust in knowing that God has a purpose and a plan that He is working out for my good.

I’m asking God to change my perspective on betrayal. It’s pretty much a guarantee that I’ll be disappointed a few more times in this lifetime, right? I want to reset my tendency of viewing myself as the victim and see myself more like clay being molded by my Potter. Take me. Mold me. Use me. Fill me. I give my life to the Potter’s hand.

Thank you, God – for helping me #slowitdownSunday and teaching me a little more everyday to trust You.

Is God using betrayal in your life right now? How can you find purpose and see God working in the midst of your own tough situation?

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9 replies to “#slowitdownSunday / finding purpose when you feel betrayed

  1. For several years, my prayer has been “Father, let the trials I face bring me closer to You. And if my experiences can help others, guide me to them in Your time.”

    Betrayal by those you love and trust can be the worst.

    Been there…

  2. Yes, the betrayals hurt deeply and sometimes you will never know why it had to happen. Trust in the lord, with all thine heart, and lean not to thine own understanding….

  3. Starr, I’m so very sorry that you where betrayed by such a close friend I know that person one day will look back and realize the hurt they have caused you! But most importantly they will regret losing such a wonderful friend as you!! Love you, and be Strong in the Lord because He will give you the strength you need!!

    1. It’s been tough, oh wise one!! But, with time God is showing me over and over that there is a purpose and that it is ok for me not to understand. He is sooo faithful!! Love you, friend!

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