#trashouttuesday / using glass in the kitchen (and trashing the plastic)

This is what happens on our kitchen counter beside the sink:

trash out tuesday the daily Starr getting rid of plastic 5

Several years ago I got scared of putting plastics into the dishwasher. I don’t like putting them in the microwave either. Just the thought of the chemicals getting hot and then us using them over and over doesn’t give me happy thoughts at all. I know, weird.

But, we still use plastic. It’s the norm when having kiddos in your house. They use cups that don’t break. They grab a cup of water going out the door. The hubby and I have been grabbing the big people plastic cups as we run out the door lately too (it’s way cheaper than buying drinks at the store and fast food places!!).

And since I refuse to put them in the dishwasher, they sit on the counter. I. Hate. Washing. Dishes. With. A. Passion.

So, they accumulate until we either finally break down and have a huge plastic washing party, run out of plastic cups to use, or result to paying my little sister to come and wash them (which she TOTALLY loves…insert rolling eyes from Joy).

For years I talked about doing away with the plastic and replacing with items that can actually go in the dishwasher. Yes, it might be an investment, but it will save us so much time in the kitchen.

We went through our plastic containers (tupperware kind of stuff) about a year ago and substantially reduced the plastic cup collection. It’s still there though and we still use them so much.

This past week, I found a GREAT solution to start our plastic replacement project:

trash out tuesday the daily Starr getting rid of plastic 4

The Target “$1” section (which has a mix of $1 and $3 items – watch out!) had these awesome glass containers. The little glass ones are perfect for our girls and came in a set of 2 glasses for $3. The larger glass milk bottles were only $1 each.

For today’s #trashouttuesday post, I’m starting to replace the plastic pieces with these in a goal to use them more and wash less plastic!!!

I’ve also started incorporating other pieces of glass into our kitchen as we go that are from items we buy all the time:

trash out tuesday the daily Starr getting rid of plastic 3

Candle holders, salsa jars, peanut butter jars, pasta sauce and some random drinks from the grocery store! These ALL make great jars to reuse in your house.

The problem? Those ugly labels.

I learned the hard way, don’t just put them in the dishwasher and hope they soften up. They just shred to pieces and get all over your dishwasher. Not fun.

Here’s a blog that teaches you the easy way to get rid of those pesky labels on glass jars:

remove labels from glass jars the daily Starr trash out tuesday

Once you remove the labels, you can reuse those glass jars in all sorts of ways:

– pen/pencil/crayon holders
– storage for leftovers instead of plastic
– to go drinks from home
– vases for flowers
– and more!!

I’m excited to get rid of these clunky cups that take up WAYY too much space in the cabinet:

trash out tuesday the daily Starr getting rid of plastic 2

Also, great big glass jars are fun to use in the kitchen as well:

trash out tuesday the daily Starr getting rid of plastic

We had a kitchen drawer that was seriously OVERFLOWING with plasticware from take-out, etc. I decided to unwrap each one and place them in these jar containers so we could start using them in lunch boxes more easily! That way my real silverware doesn’t go missing as much away from home 🙂 The jar on the left is from Target and the one on the right belonged to my grandmother. She used to keep her cereal in that container on her kitchen counter.

How about you? What can you use glass to start replacing in your kitchen to save you time and money?

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